7 Things Mosquitoes Don’t Like Which Will Make Them Run From Biting You




Mosquitoes are a type of small insect that is responsible for Malaria. When mosquitoes are listed in Africa, it is clear that they are the source of the disease, and it is a major disease that many Africans face on a yearly basis.

Mosquitoes are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Ghanaians each year, attracting international attention and causing authorities to increase their efforts to eliminate the insects. Though malaria medication and treatment are widely available and reliable, some of them are prohibitively expensive for a Ghanaian to afford.

Pesticides, on the other hand, are thought to be effective in controlling mosquitoes, but since they come in the form of sprays, they cause irritation and make the area where they’re sprayed unpleasant to be in at the time.





Nonetheless, this text will detail the mosquito-prevention methods that you should use. As they say, avoidance is better than treatment; there are a few things that these little bugs (mosquitoes) don’t like; in fact, if you do the things they don’t like, they’ll unexpectedly escape from you.

1.ย  Mosquitoes hates any Citrus fruit

Mosquitoes dislike citrus crops because they are naturally repellent. Oranges, lemons, lavender, basil, and catnip are only a few examples of edible plants. Naturally, these plants produce oils that repel mosquitoes and are generally good to inhale. Mosquitoes fear the movements of those who preserve the leaves of the crops beside you. They’ll almost certainly flee if you approach.

2. Mosquitoes dislike men who do not consume alcohol, according to studies.

According to study, something about the chemical reaction that occurs in the body as it processes alcohol, especially beer, creates a sweet odor in your sweat that attracts mosquitoes. Women and men who consume only a small amount of beer are also less prone to mosquito bites. Have you ever wondered why two people would sit in the same place but one will complain about mosquito bites and the other will not? This is a standard example of what happens. In fact, one drinks a lot of beer while the other does not.

3. Mosquitoes dont like it if every place around you Dry

Since mosquitos lay their eggs in standing water, the rainy season is potentially the most mosquito-infested time of year. As a consequence, if you avoid any areas of standing water on your house, such as pet dishes or birdbaths, you will almost certainly succeed in making them dislike you. As a result, their ability to survive around you and eventually bite you can be jeopardized.

4. Mosquitoes don’t like it if you put on air-conditioning

When you turn on your room’s air conditioning system, one of the most despised parts of Mosquitoes’ lives is that. Mosquitoes have a strong sensitivity to cold temperatures. They seem to freeze when the environment is too cold; thus, if you can afford an air-conditioning space, you might have actually gotten the idea to annoy mosquitoes and cause them to flee.

5. Mosquitoes dont like you putting your fan on.

This is so because even a tiny insect can be pushed away by a strong breeze. In your bed, mosquitoes fear the existence of your room fan. When the fan blows, it puts the insecet in jeopardy of flying around. When insects are unable to fly due to the breeze produced by your fan, they will continue to travel, eventually forcing them out of your room. Mosquitoes obviously resent it when you keep your fan going.

6. Mosquitoes dont like it if you put on Smokey substances:

For outside roles, these may be very closely related. According to research, smokey substances are an effective mosquito repellent. Everything from placing a burning paper carton or a mosquito repellant on the stand of your verandah to burning objects round can cause extreme discomfort to these insects, causing them to flee.

7. Mosquitoes dont like it if you put on Light Colored Garments:

It’s worth mentioning that darker colors attract mosquitoes and provide a tasty treat for their insect eyes. Surprisingly, in the presence of mosquitoes, lighter and pale colors blend into the background. As a consequence, if you wear lighter-colored clothing instead of darker-colored clothing, you’ll tend to be less likely to be bitten by mosquitos, giving you the ability to stop being bitten.

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