If You Do These 7 Things, No Girl Will Ever Resist You.

In this article we will be writing on the things guys can do and no girl will ever resist them.

Here are the things a guy can do and no girl will ever resist him

  1. If you are the type of guy that smell good, girls find it difficult to resist such person, because he smells nice anytime she is with him.

  2. If you’re the type of guy that can make a girl laugh for some minutes, girls don’t play with guys who makes them laugh because when they laugh it ease out stress in their body.

  3. Anytime you’re with a girl, talk smart and sound interesting, it proves to the girl that you’re a guy that comport himself.

  4. Try to get chic: hold her door open for her, pull her chair when she sits and be calm throughout the conversation

  5. Act confident: In all you do just act confident, girls love guys who are confidence in anything they are doing.

  6. Show her respect, Every girl will love to be with a guy who shows her respect as a woman, not the ones that will order her around.

  7. Pay attention to her, Anytime you’re with her, just be a good listener, pay attention to her when she’s talking, and if there’s a part you can correct her do it politely.

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