7 Ways To Make A Girl Miss You On WhatsApp That Every Guy Should Learn

The skill or tricks in making someone fall in love with you or having you in their minds always has evolved from time to time. With the present age of technology, feelings and emotions can be transferred through a simple text, meaning you don’t really have to see the person to express how you feel.

These days, the most common method of flirting among young people is through social media app WhatsApp which is used by millions as a means of keeping in touch with friends, while for others, it is used to get a girl hooked to you if you know how to play the game well.

All you necessarily need to do is just get her contact and a girl could fall in love with you greatly behind the screen! You can get her to miss you and to always vie for your attention if you know how to use the simple principles of online dating that would be mentioned below.

Seven ways to make a girl miss you on WhatsApp that every guy should learn.

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  1. Be a little mysterious.

Chatting a girl on WhatsApp is very different from real life conversation and one thing you’d want to adopt is a sense of mystery. If a girl knows everything about you within a few days of getting her number or you become too predictable, there wouldn’t be any to miss. For example, if she asks: “How was your day?” You can reply by saying “I had a great day” then she would be tempted to ask what you did or what happened, which wouldn’t be necessary if you had given her all the details in your first response.

Keep your answers short and kind of incomplete to make her want to ask more questions.

  1. Don’t reveal too much of yourself.

Some guys have this habit of telling any girl they meet in WhatsApp history of their family. Like seriously, most girls don’t care! Your job is to make her have a nice time chatting with you and not make her read Epistles about your family. Don’t tell a girl you don’t really know too well more than she needs to know and don’t always talk about yourself. Keep the conversation engaging by involving her too.

For example, if she says ” I would want to know more about you” You can reply by telling her a little about yourself or you could say ” How’ bout you go first? You’re more charming than I am, and I would love to know more about this beauty”. This method quickly diverts the attention from you to her, making her answering the question she initially asked you!

  1. Don’t chat her everyday.

One thing I know you must’ve noticed already is that we humans get bored easily. This is usually caused by too much familiarity especially when we see or talk to the person everyday.

When it comes to getting a girl to always miss you over text, you wouldn’t want to create too much familiarity by talking to her everyday as if you got nothing to do. Chatting her up like 3-4 times in a week is enough to create mystery and make her understand that in as much you love being with her, you can as well do without her. This method will earn you more respect, and quality time to take care of other things around you and more importantly, she would be wondering what you are doing the times you didn’t chat her up. She might even think you’re busy with other girls! This is great for creating mystery.

  1. Fill your status with fun moments.

While keeping her on a suspense which should be done moderately, you can also add to it by filling your WhatsApp status with video clips and pictures of fun moments you had with friends and other girls. This shouldn’t mean you are trying to have fun without her but it should indicate that you have a life of your own and can have fun whenever you wish. This will make her want to be part of every fun moment you have and it will make her miss you more.

  1. Keep things flirty.

This is a very important part in keeping a girl hooked to you through texting. You wouldn’t want to start sounding too serious with boring texts that might want her to give up on you so easily. Flirting with her is the key to avoid that heart breaking moments. You can ask her what she plans to do during the weekend and if there’s any chance of the two of you hanging out to have a great time. Show a little bit of naughtiness in your texts but don’t go too far in a way that seems too creepy. Don’t emphasize too much on sex as it will make look like someone who is only interested in her body.

  1. Don’t use too many words.

Like they say, “too many words do not feel a basket”. Girls are not generally the type of people that love reading lengthy conversations as they get bored easily. You shouldn’t explain in details over simple questions or ask her too many questions at the same time. Let me give you this example;

A. ” I’m free this weekend, you wanna hang out?”

B. ” After a tiring week, thank God it is Saturday. Normally, I like resting on Saturdays and I was thinking maybe you will be less busy so that we can spend sometime together. Will you be available?.

What is the difference between text A and B? Of course text A has a shorter sentence and fewer words than text B even though they are saying the same thing.

Now you understand the point. You shouldn’t write long texts when trying to pass a simple message to a girl

  1. Don’t act desperate.

I see a lot of guys acting like they can’t live without a girl immediately getting their number by bombarding her with texts as if their lives depends on it. No girl will take you seriously when you act too needy or desperate as most times, they just want to be left alone.

Giving your girl some space will make her to want you more, as it shows that you have other things to do apart from stalking her all day.

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In summary, you need to have some certain qualities and skills if you want to leave a good impression about yourself of which, fortunately, can be learned. Goodluck!

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