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8 Disciplines You Need To Master To Have A Successful Life

Discipline means order and the ability to organise specific elements of your life with strategic long term purpose. Discipline allows you to build yourself sustainably. It is what the people who don’t want to leave their lives to chances use in getting what they want.

In this article we will be looking at 8 disciplines to develop that will be of immense help to you.

1. Discipline your thoughts

We have learnt that “everything we do begins with a neural spark inside the brain. Your thoughts quite literally dictates your future.” You have the power to discipline your mind through practice to focus on important things you need to solve.

2. Discipline your mornings

People who discipline their mornings almost get extra days worth of working. You have the power to jump start your day. Small actions compound over extended periods of time. If you get one small thing done every morning, in a year, you would have achieved over 360 things.

3. Discipline your friendships

We have learnt that “the quality of your life is determined by the quality of the friendships you establish along the way”. Understand that your life will almost be the same as the ones of your friends. We are all social creatures and our social environments are the foundations of building our future lives. Hang out with losers and you will be a loser yourself.

4. Discipline your environment

We are by-products of the environment we grow in as much as a flower needs right soil to blossom. Few people understand that they can choose to change their environment. Changing environments have an impact in the way you experience life. Make sure you find a good environment for your growth.

5. Discipline your goals

We become what we are willing to go after,yet most people settle for what is convenient. Many people settle for too low not because they don’t want more but because they don’t know how to get more. Successful people are at the top because they made it their goal to get their.

6. Discipline what you consume

We have learnt that who we are runs on the fuel we put into our body, our mind and spirit. The better the input, the better the outputs. You want to be treated as an adult? Start making decisions as an adult. You eat food because of the purpose of health not taste.

7. Discipline your progress and growth

The feeling of being alive comes from growth. The moment the growth stops you begin to die. Your life can constantly get better if you make it your goal to become better consistently. Most people believe their education ends with school. But everyone agrees that school no longer educate you for the real world. Growth, progress and education have become individual’s activities.

8. Discipline your impact

The value of an individual is determined by what they leave behind not when they are gone, but when they are alive. Be good now. Impact is not all about building foundations to help the less privileged, it comes from small interactions you have with people every day.

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