8 Signs That Shows That You Are In A Relationship With A Fake Girlfriend

Relationships are wonderful, but only when you’re with someone who knows your emotions, your love language, your love button, and the little romantic words that make you swoon. It has to be “Relationship” if there is one thing you can not handle in life. You don’t manage it because of the consequences, the trauma, and the emotional turmoil it can cause you when you’re dealing with it. It’s preferable to be late than to be the one who is late.

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Take note of the following things that prove you are in a relationship with a fake girlfriend. It’s easier to fall in love with someone who sees you as something rather than your image being used for an obituary poster. In order to be free from had I know, take note of the following things that show you are in a relationship with a fake girlfriend.


1) She is faking her love for you if the only time she knows about your life is when she wants money from you and not because she misses your romantic touching body.

2) She is faking her love for you if she does not contribute to the relationship’s well-being and is instead thinking about what she might benefit from you.

3) If she refuses to let you touch her phone, no matter what. She’s pretending to love you in order for you to be unaware that she’s in another relationship.

4) She’s faking her love for you if she won’t let you touch her or make love to her unless you offer to give her a present or keep a previous promise you made to her.

5) She is faking her love for you if the only time she visits you is when you give her transportation money; otherwise, she will not come with her money.

6) If she still has her phone on flight mode when she’s with you, she’s lying about her feelings for you. She doesn’t want the other person in her relationship to suspect she’s dating someone else.

7) If you tell her “I love you” over the phone and she responds with “thank you” or “I appreciate,” she is lying about her feelings for you.

8) You are the only one who sends her airtime; she does not always have airtime to call you, and she will not call you even though you give her airtime. She’s lying about her feelings for you.

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