8 Signs That A Woman Loves You But She Does not Want To Show It (Opinion)




You can have a secret admirer that doesn’t want to show it. This could be someone who has been your friend for years, a colleague at work or even someone you never expect would fall in love with you. Are you a Romeo and you don’t even know it?

In this article we be sharing eight signs that a woman loves you but doesn’t want to show it.

  1. She is always available

A woman who likes you will want to hang out with you all the time. They are ready to put other things aside just to honour your invitation. A girl who loves you will always want to be with you. She wants to be with you because she enjoys your company.





  1. She says “never mind” after she shows emotions

This is what a woman uses to protect her feelings after opening up and feeling vulnerable. She doesn’t know your feelings towards her and doesn’t want to feel rejected so she will say never mind just to change what is going on.

  1. She speaks your language

A woman who has feelings for you will be able to vibe with you in a way that no one else does. Both of you seem to understand each other in a unique way. To simply put, she gets you and you get her and the only thing that is stopping her from telling you her feelings is her shyness.

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  1. Her gifts are more detailed

A sweatshirt is nice, but a handmade sweatshirt by her with your name embroidered shows she loves you. She is not bothered by the cost, she just want something special for you.

  1. She shares her deepest, darkest secrets with you

A woman that loves you shares with you fears and insecurity she has never shared with her friends. So when a woman shares some of deepest, darkest secrets with you, it is because she finds you special.

  1. She secretly can’t stand not speaking to you

If there is a day she doesn’t speak to you, know that she was thinking about you all the time. A woman that loves you will call if both of you don’t see a day.

  1. She is extra sensitive around you

A woman who has feelings becomes extra sensitive when around you. She begins to show you more care. This might be seen as her nature but she does it only towards you.

  1. She forgives you easily

We are humans and we do make mistakes. A woman forgiving you whenever you err doesn’t mean she is a doormat that will always be there. However, a sign that she loves you is that she gives you another chance.

These are some of the signs a woman that secretly loves you shows. Just observe her behaviour around you and it will be easy to tell whether she likes you or not. If she shows these signs and you have feelings for her, you can talk to her and move the relationship to the next level.

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