8 Things Men Do That Some Women Secretly Love (Opinion)

Unfortunately, we are in an era where something as pure, unconditional, innocent, noble, subtle, and salubrious as LOVE is now being treated ignorantly so, as transactional. Erroneously, men now believe that for a woman to love him, he does not only need to be rich but, should be ready to spend extravagantly on her. Some women who do not understand what TRUE LOVE is would not agree less with that notion.

The truth about most women is this, they don’t need your money to love you as a man. Even when you purchase her love with the entire money in the world, you still do not occupy that special place in her heart.

For you as a man to sustain the attraction and love your woman have in her heart, you need to continuously do the following eight things in your relationship.

1. A Man Who Is Not Afraid To Show His Weaknesses

Society today wants Men to put on a facade of stoicism before their women to show that they are strong because men don’t cry.

Your woman will not love you less if you show emotions when overwhelmed. Instead, it will draw her closer to you for proving to be human — and not a robot.

2. A Man Who Listens Why She Is Venting

When a woman is complaining about an issue that is disturbing her, don’t do anything but one thing — listen to her. Don’t do the mistake of rushing into problem-solving mode. She knew the solution already, she just wants to pour out her feelings and blow off steam.

Women love it when it seems they are being heard and the man that could allow them to express themselves vocally, him they would continue to love.

3. Occasional Physical Touches

Physical touche is one love language that transcends among females. Women want to feel the reassuring touches of the man they love. When a guy intermittently touches his lady while conversing with her, unconsciously she feels his love for her.

4. Recalling What She Said In The Past

Women feel happy each time their men reminded them of the intelligent things they said in the past. It makes them feel appreciated. A woman would always get attracted to the man that makes her feel smart.

5. A Man Who Respects Her Sexual boundaries

A man’s sexuality is far different from that of a woman. The man easily gets turn on by what he sees, while the woman by what she hears — baring certain inhibitions. Women have more sexual turnoffs than men; It might be sex positions or a dirty bedroom.

Whatever it is, a woman would always love that man who would always seek her consent and knows that her “no means no”.

6. A Man On A Nice And Clean Singlet And Boxers

Women easily get attracted to a clean man — most especially when it got to do with his underwear. Wearing dirty boxers would always turn off your woman and would not make her give you her best in the other room.

Women are happy seeing their men in clean underwear.

7. A Man That Kisses Her In The Right Spots

Kissing is one of the most intimate acts in a relationship. A woman could interpret the magnitude of her man’s love through the way he kisses her.

Women love it when they are being kissed in a particular part of their body. All the man need is to ask where.

8. A Working Man With A Roll-Up Sleeves

As a man whatever chores you are doing in the presence of your woman, please do it with your sleeves all rolled up. Women love the sight of a man working while his forearm is exposed.

So, next time you are assisting your woman in doing those house chores or skillfully doing some stuff in her presence, don’t forget to roll up those sleeves because the sporadic light in her eyes and subtle smiles would always betray the feelings in her heart for you.


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