“I Was 8-Years-Old When I Lost My Virginity” – Lady Reveals




The society is becoming increasingly pervasive with numerous stories of little children who fall prey to molesters and paedophiles, spreading all over the internet. It becomes very necessary for parents to be more careful of who they often leave their children with or who they allow to touch their kids.

It is difficult to trust anyone these days, even those who are family or our so called relatives are not be trusted. More attention should be given to the younger girls because they are often the victims of molestation which can be traumatic and damaging. Sadly this experiences can stay for a life time and adversely affect the quality of the victim’s life.

A particular woman by the name Niqita11 had Come on twitter to share her experience on how she lost her virginity to her biological uncle. The shocking part is that she was only eight years old when it happened. She added that the experience was heartbreaking and the memory of it had remained with her for a life time. See the screenshots of the lady’s post below:





Her post had drew several reactions from fellow twitter users, some who went on to share similar experiences in the comment section. Check out some of the reactions below:

If a biological uncle can do this his underage niece, it means that as a parent, the safety of your kids are not guaranteed with any close relatives be it uncle, Aunt, Cousin, nephew or niece. We can eradicate this type of ugly happenings by teaching kids to speak up when anyone touches them inappropriately or when the person say certian inappropriate words to them. In addition, we need to ensure that perpetrators of this act are always brought I book and made to face the wrath of the law because these act is considered a crime in the court of law, so that we do not go to create more victims of child molestation.

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