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9 Bad Attitude Men Do In Secret That They Wouldn’t Want Their Girlfriend/Wife To Know About

Men are one funny and unpredictable gender to full comprehend and understand. In this article I am going to be sharing with you nine secret bad attitude popularly exhibited by guys and would never tell their girlfriend of wife because it possess to be nasty and silly. I know many guys might probably bash me for this undiluted exposed truth, but nevertheless I just what you to bear it in mind that this article is not intended to abuse or insult anybody, but just a way of creating amusement and entertainment. Here are nine bad characters portrayed by men secretly;

  1. Sniffing their underwear lying on the ground to verify it’s acceptable to wear again.

  2. Farting, then taking the time to appreciate the fragrance they have just produced.

  3. Farting loud when no one is on the street or same room with them.

  4. Sniffing their armpits to tell if it’s time to take a shower.

  5. Shoving their hand into their underwear and taking the time to scratch their balls really well, and thereafter smelling it, just out of curiosity.

  6. Not washing their hands after going to the bathroom or toilet, claiming that they didn’t touch anything dirty or nasty.

  7. Wearing jean for more than 2 weeks without washing.

  8. Wearing their underwear (boxers) more than twice as long as it doesn’t smell or produces any foul odour.

  9. Wearing torn underwear on a normal occasions but prefer to wear a clean and tidy one only when they are going outing or rather expecting a female visitor.

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Which of these bad habits do you exhibit as a guy? Don’t be shy, share it with us just for fun. Thank you.

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