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9 Nigeria tribes that Make the Best Wife Material.




All tribes in Nigeria are beautiful, but some are the best wife materials, and the quality every man want in a woman. Getting married to a woman is more than beauty, education, and being in other rooms.

Urhobo woman is one the most hardworking woman in Nigeria. Other ladies might run and leave their husbands when things are hard, but an Urhobo beautiful woman will never do such. They support their family even if the man marries more than one wife. These qualities make a wife material.





Yoruba beautiful lady come from a culture rich in custom and tradition. Yoruba respect not just the husband but also all her in-laws, and even strangers. The one most important quality for good woman is submission to her husband. Respect is what every man wants in his home and Yoruba lady has that.

The Fulani also made good wife. Outside of the beauty a Fulani posse, they are a good listener to their man. Mostly Muslim follow the way of Prophet Muhammad. They know how wives of the prophet adore and respect their husband. They manage with the little resources the family has. They are also very shy. This quality makes them one of the best to marry.

The Igbos women are very intelligent and industrious. One of the tribes in the world with the most beautiful women. Although their bride price is very high but if you marry any of their women be rest assured, she will always give you financial support.

The Ijaw woman loves her man very well, and she can do anything for him. They are naturally good swimmers, and very acrobatics. Ijaw are very good in other rooms and man will never cheat on them because she will give you all the styles you want.

Calabar’s women are very endowed, and they are great cook. There is a saying that the only way through a man’s heart is food. You definitely will not stay late at work because you always have a queen waiting for you.

Gbagi women in North Central are very obedient to their husbands. Also, being respectful, they are also good farmers. To marry this beautiful woman is a certain you will not lack food in your house.

Tivs in Benue state, their women are so beautiful. They are very kind to strangers, marry them you are sure of pounding yam and enough pig meat and other Tivs delicacy in your pot. Any great man will love this hospitality.

The last but not least is Hausa-Fulani, one of the most beautiful women in Nigeria. They are predominantly Muslim who are very respectful to their husbands.

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