A Leaked Picture Of Zodwa Wabantu And Her Allegedly New BEN 10 Surfaces On Social Media

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Zodwa Wabantu is a South African dancer and a businesswoman who is famously known for dancing in Mini Skirts. Zodwa Wabantu is also famously known for only dating men who are way younger than her, they are called “Ben tens”. Even though Many people usually judge Zodwa Wabantu for dating young men; she is just too successful to be fazed by critics, and people who judge every decision she makes.

Many previous relationships of this dancer and her young boyfriends end in tears, a few months ago Zodwa Wabantu made headlines after she got Dumped by her ben 10, but it is now crystal clear that Zodwa Wabant is not willing to stop dating Ben 10s.

These days, Zodwa Wabantu has been seen spending a lot of time with yet another guy who looks way young than her. Another Picture of Zodwa and an allegedly her new Ben10 has got leaked on Social Media. In this picture, Zodwa Wabantu and this guy can be seen chilling at the beach and this guy is so touchy.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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