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A Man Prayed For A Female Stranger He Met On A Taxi After He Saw Her Doing This

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We all go through some difficult times in life whereby we require some kind of support be it emotional, financial or even physical.

The world may seem like it is filled with cruel people but there are really good people out there who will go out of their way to help people they do not even know. so often do we come homeless people living in good health. This is because they rely of those who have good hearts to give them food and clothing and their lives go just like that.

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A certain man who goes by the name @mhpomokola posted a picture of a lady he had met in a taxi. The lady seems nervous and had a book in front of her filled with interview questions. the man immediately knew that she was going to an interview than he asked for her name prayed for hr and wished her the best.

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The man even posted the pictures on twitter asking people to help him in praying for this lady so that she passes her interview and gets the job that she seemed to truly desire. his was a rare act of kindness. The man knew that he had nothing else to help the lady with and at the particular moment what she needed was prayers and encouragement.

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A lot of people wee touched by this rare act of kindness and thanked the man for what he did for a total stranger. People are fighting different kind of battles on a daily basis therefore be kind always. Help others when you can and in any way you can depending on the situation. not everything requires money sometimes even putting an elderly person ahead of a que could be very helpful to them. One act of kindness can really go a long way.

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