A MUST READ! 4 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Taking Bath Together With Your Partner

Nowadays, there is a need to be discrete with your body even for your partner and you should avoid taking a bath together with your partner.

Gone were the olden days when people give too much attention to their bodies and endeavor to cover their privacy as much as possible. Nowadays, a lot has changed and the archaic traditions where women mingling with men were a taboo, today couples enjoy the freedom of being wherever they want and whoever they want.

Unmarried youngsters in the so-called boyfriend-girlfriend relationship do unthinkable things to the private parts of each other all in the name of love and sexual pleasure.

So, just imagine, what you would expect legally married couples would do with themselves? Marriage has made it so easy and given the freedom to married partners practice whatever they see or have heard of.

In the past, there was fear if one saw your private parts, and the man used leaves to cover her important parts. Today even some walk naked in the name of fashion and dynamic society.

Here are 4 important reasons why you should avoid taking a bath together with your partner if you can

Decrease In Self-Esteem

If someone has knowledge about one of your weaknesses, then you lose confidence in yourself. Even if they are your partner and are continuously, daily, seeing your unclothed ness, you will have low esteem.

Some people might use the advantage to investigate your body and find out points to attack you whenever you request for favors and thus lowers one’s self-worth.

Lowers Se*x Drive

In the same bathroom and both of you ready to shower.

At some point, it might be interesting as the two of you enjoy splashing water at each other.

Seeing your partner’s tools might become so obvious that you even lack interest when it comes to conjugal rights.

This at times might force one to try and find a different person hence encourages infidelity.

Reduces Confidence

Some people are shy. Remember not everybody has the confidence you may have.

With teachings from community and religion, the value of one’s organs might create fear if you force or want to have a bath with them.

One might not enjoy the act for s/ he fears that somebody is enjoying the view of their body.

It can lead to differences or fear of water,”kupiga passport”.

Nude Leak And Black Mail

Evident in social media among most celebrities. The digital era has brought about high focal lens cameras in phones that can record, store, and share videos.

Taking photos or videos in the bathroom might be good for you at the moment but as well as bad when things fall apart.

If the two of you break up, one can post your photo to instill more pain into you and blackmail you.

With social media, anybody who is familiar with you can have the information and it is just embarrassing.

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