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As Nigerians await the appointment of a new governor for the state of Anambra in Saturday’ s elections, there are strong signs that, alongside the popularity of the political parties, their candidates and the role that the current uncertainty and murders will play, another factor that could be instrumental in the victory of political parties is the influence of women members of the National Assembly in the country, who have followed the electoral process and the candidacies of political parties, particularly among APC.

The Great Alliance (APGA), the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) and the Congress of All Progressives (APC) would like to accept that it has become difficult to predict the outcome of Saturday’ s elections. was like the heavyweights behind the games; Degree of their acceptance; the pedigree of the candidates; among other things, the political dominance and control of the government apparatus as well as the task that welcomed the exercise.

However, while expectations are high for the three main political parties, APGA, PDP and APC, as likely favorites, some members of the National Assembly whose footprints would count in elections in their various political parties include the former senator who represents Anambra North, Chief Joy Emordi; the titular senator of the region, Senator Stella Odua; the Senator representing Central Anambra, Uche Ekwunife; Former Anambra North Senator Margret Okadigbo.


This list also include Onitsha North and South House of Representatives Linda Ikpeazu and Bianca Ojukwu. Research shows that these politicians attempted public office through appointments and elections; Their individual merit, popularity, and political reach have also helped them rise through politics. This was reported by The Guardian.

They also have their relevance in the system of things in State Senator Joy Emordi, who was until recently a member of the Board of Trustees (BOT) of the PDP, the next elections.


On her foray into politics, Emordi had competed, won elections, and led political parties. Aside from his recent love for APC, he was a member of the defunct Congress for the National Consensus (CNC) and the All Peoples Party (APP).

She became Senator for the Anambra Norte constituency on February 20, 2005 when a court ousted said proclamation, Emmanuel Anosike, who held the seat, who was appointed President of the Senate Education Committee and a member of the Senate Services, Communications, Federal Capital Territory, Housing Committees, Privatization, Sport, women’ s affairs and youth development.

She was re- elected in 2007, but Alphonsus Obi Igbeke of the then ANPP appealed against her second election and her election was annulled by the National Consensus (CNC).


On this platform, she went home to become governor, and the party cleared all the seats in the House of Representatives and most of the local council. Electoral seats when the transition program was cut off by Abacha’ s death.

He later ran for governor on the All Peoples Party (APP) platform in 1998/1999, but failed to do so during General Abdulsalami Abubakarled’ s transition to the civilian government program. Emordi recently moved to APC from PDP, where he was a member of the BOT.

Though it was unclear why he got rid of the PDP, except in the absence of a better deal, his movement is viewed by many as capable of affecting his new party’ s election fortunes in 2012.

Things in Your Northern Anambra. One argument against him is that he has not been in the political limelight for a while. Sources said he may have lost control of his followers. AS Emordi, the Senator representing Anambra North, Stella Oduah also left the PDP to accept the APC.


Moving towards the APC is seen as a ploy by its opponents in particular to evade ongoing law enforcement by the Anti- Theft Agency for various past financial crimes, but those close to state politics would like to offer to join one of the Loudest voices has become in the area.

Upon joining APC, Oduah said he had joined the APC family ” as part of the process of changing the political narrative in the Southeast, ” adding that he had moved with his band of supporters in Anambra state.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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