A TERRIBLE SIN! ! Father Allegedly Impregnated His 17- Year- Old Daughter, Sent Her Out Of The House


A 17- year- old girl who was r@ped and pregnant by her father before being forced to leave the house in Eket, Akwa Ibom state, has been saved from her ordeal. On Tuesday, September 21, according to a Facebook user named Oga Yenne, the girl was seen wandering about the Plaza area of Uyo, the state capital, seeking for anyone who would be interested in adopting the newborn baby.

The Period Of Time When The Girl’ s Dad Started Defiling Her

According to the adolescent, her father began defiling her after her mother’ s death, and he then pushed her out of the house when she became pregnant with his child. The pregnant girl has been handed over to Mrs Patricia Essien Obot, a member of the NOTOVOLE Foundation, a Gender- Based Violence Committee recently sworn in by the Governor of Akwa Ibom State. Mrs. Patricia Essien Obot is a member of the NOTOVOLE Foundation, a Gender Based Violence Committee recently sworn in by the Governor of Akwa Ibom State.


Mr. Oga Yenne’ s Post Concerning The Whole Issue

Read the following post by Oga Yenne:

” As a result, the situation of a 17- year- old young lady from Eket who was pregnant by her father was brought to my notice. According to her, her father began defiling her after her mother died last year, and she claims that he has been doing it since then. Given that she last had her period in December, she is almost ready to give birth and has never had any prenatal or postpartum treatment before.

Later, her father ejected her from the house, leaving her with little choice except to travel to Uyo in search of anyone who might be interested in the kid. Isn’ t that pathetic?

The Area Where Mr. Oga Yenne Found The Pregnant Little Girl

She was observed yesterday at Plaza asking folks if they were in need of a baby and they said they were. She needed a family to care for her until she gave birth and then to hand over the baby to the family who had taken her in. Can you think that a man spotted her at the plaza last night, provided her a place to stay for the night, and then slept with her despite the fact that she was in such poor health?

We were able to find her today at the Plaza, where I picked her up and handed her over to Mrs. Patricia Obot, President of the ” NOTOVOLE Foundation, ” who is also a member of the Gender Based Violence Committee and was recently sworn in by the Governor of Akwa Ibom State.


What The Foundation Did To The Pregnant Little Girl

She has taken the appropriate measures, including promptly reporting the incident to the Ikot Akpan Abia Police Station, as well as scheduling a medical visit for the young girl for the following morning. In the hope that she will receive all of the assistance and support that she requires at this point in her life,

A special thank you to the individuals who brought this matter to my attention. It is always my responsibility to use my social media platforms and relationships to link individuals in need with those who can aid or provide support. ” All honor and glory go to God! ! ! ”


Additionally, the Imo State police command has apprehended and detained a 47- year- old man, Uchenna Egbuchulem, on suspicion of s€xually assaulting and impregnating his 17- year- old daughter. In the state of Ogwa, Egbuchulem hails from the village of Nduhu Alaenyi, Ogwa, in the Mbaitoli local government area.

Here Is The Threat Mr. Egbuchulem Gave To His Daughter

According to The Guardian, the perpetrator had been living with the victim for the last 15 years after his wife, who was originally from Ivory Coast, had left the marriage due to domestic abuse allegations. In the event that his daughter would not agree to allow him to sleep with her, it was said that he threatened her death with a cutlass. According to reports from the community, after successfully assaulting the girl, Egbuchulem proceeded to abuse her until she became pregnant, according to the sources.

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As the story goes, Egbuchulem decided to take her daughter to a rural medical practitioner after discovering that she was pregnant. This is when things became complicated. He is reported to have begged the doctor to allow him to purchase the pregnancy as well as the yet- to- be- born child for N200, 000, according to reports.

See What The Imo State Police Command Are Doing About The Issue

The girl was sent to see Eze Agu of Alaenyi Ogwa autonomous community, who was the traditional ruler of the community, rather than the doctor. Eventually, the girl recovered. The child was alleged to have confessed to the incident after the monarch questioned her about it. According to The Guardian, a spokeswoman for the Imo State police command, Orlando Ikeokwu, confirmed the event and stated that Egbuchulem is has being held in police custody while an investigation is underway.

In the report, it was stated that the daughter’ s mother, who is from the Ivory Coast, had terminated the marriage and returned to her own country when the girl was a small child. After that, her father began to take advantage of her situation. His threats to murder her with a machete, it was alleged, were used to coerce her into sleeping. “


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