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A Woman Who Has Been Married For 20 Years Divorced Her Husband To Marry The Holy Spirit (Photos)

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The world is full of strange occurrences, and the rate at which we encounter uncommon things is becoming increasingly challenging. A lot of people do things their way since they have the freedom to do so without anyone interfering with their activities.

Surprisingly, some women still find a reason to quit their marriage for one reason or another due to a minor misunderstanding with their partners.

Elizabeth Nalem, a Kenyan mother of six, has divorced her 20-year-old husband in order to marry the “Holy Spirit” in a hotel in West Pokot, Kenya. She has stated unequivocally that her love for the Holy Spirit is unrivaled by any other human being.

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Despite having been in a prior relationship, the holy spirit-possessed woman has chosen to live a holy and acceptable life to her creator.

She was set on going to Uganda for her honeymoon, which is even more shocking given her solo plans. She stated that she desires to serve God. Her scared husband bought 22 cows and 15 goats for her wedding price and is currently stuck in a predicament.


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