Aaron Rodgers Teaching Jordan Love Is Great To See (Video)

Aaron Rodgers teaching Jordan Love is great to see.

The passing of the guard is never as abrupt as we think. It happens well before the elder is ready to go. If the next generation is taken under the wing by the veteran, rather than seen as its stiff competition there’s no telling how great both can become. That’s exactly what’s happening in this video of veteran quarterback and future Hall of Famer, Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers is seen teaching rookie quarterback, Jordan Love, during the Green Bay Packers training camp on Thursday.

In the video, Love is seen throwing the ball and then Rodgers takes him aside and is clearing showing him how to flick his wrist in just the right way. Love then follows along with Rodgers by making the same movement with his wrist.

This is something we love to see. All too often an incredibly great player leaves a team without imparting any of his wisdom on the man taking his…


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