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How Abba Kyari Forced Me To Transfer N41 Million From My Account”- Victim Tells #EndSars Panel

A real estate manager, distinguished as Afeez Mojeed, has recounted his police fierceness story.
Mojeed portrayed his experience in the hands of men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), who were supervised by Abba Kyari, the then Officer-in Charge, OC of the unit.

The casualty told the Lagos Judicial Panel on Saturday how SARS officials forced him to wire an amount of N41 million to one Edward Obinna and unlawfully gathered different sums from him on various events.

Mr Mojeed, 38, was accosted at his home at Victory Estate, Ajah, on October 18, 2014, and was 32 years at the hour of the capture.
“I was in my loft around 8-9 p.m. in my parlor with my 2-year-old child and my relative viewing the TV. My better half was in the kitchen cooking, she was five-month pregnant

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“I heard a huge bang on my entryway with a voice saying open this entryway or I cut down the entryway,” Mr Mojeed told the board.
He said he thought it was armed criminals so i opened the door, just to see four armed men in mufti, who jumped on him the second he opened the door

Befuddled about what the issue was, Mr Mojeed said the men beat him to the ground and his pregnant spouse who was yelling and asking what the issue was, was slapped on many occasions.
“They tied my legs on the floor and cuffed my two hands behind. During the time spent doing that, one of the men pulled my wedding ring from my finger and took my Tissot wristwatch from my table. They additionally took my wife wedding ring
“They went to my room, moved toward my cupboard, they picked the amount of N280, 000 and ransacked all parts of my home,” he told the board.

Mr Mojeed said the armed men, whose Identity were unknown at that point, gathered a few documents from him.

These included his Zenith current account checkbook, Atm card, Diamond corporate record checkbook, four documents of landed properties, two shop archives, ID card, vehicle documents and vehicle key to Honda accord 2008.

He added that the men looked through his vehicle, took the amount of N50, 000 from the vehicle and drove him to Inspectors put him inside their vehicle, Sienna and drove off.

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“They took me to Ikeja area command, we arrived around 11 p.m. The claim as at then was that my vehicle was a stolen vehicle,” he described.
He told the board that he was tormented by the SARS officials till around 2 a.m. what’s more, was from that point put in a cell.

The casualty said the police came the following day to request the pass word to his telephone which he gave and on observing his alerts, they returned for him.
“They returned that I should give them the password to my own account. They collected the atm, I gave them the wrong pin, they left and came back because,they couldn’t cash out
“Sometime thereafter, they pointed at Edward Obinna that I duped him of N97 million. Promptly I asked Mr Edward the amount I cheated him. He said he paid to my corporate account and I requested that they permit me get the bank statement to show verification.

“He later changed the statement that he paid to Yusuf Olatunji Balogun which is my cousin, the amount of N97million to obtain some earth – moving equipment and he has been working with Mr Olatunji Balogun for as far back as two years and that Mr Balogun paid into my account and the cash was with me, ” he told the board.

The casualty further portrayed that the said Mr Balogun is his cousin and to be sure pays him some cash to purchase properties for his sake.
“Mr Yusuf pays me however, I purchase properties for him and at whatever point he is in Nigeria, I tender his documents to him.

“I have never seen Mr Obinna or had any professional interactions with him, he additionally conceded that he doesn’t have any acquaintance with me,” he said.

The casualty said the torment by the police proceeded as he was bound, hung and beaten with the level side of a matchete by the police.
“On October 22, under the supervision of Abba Kyari, I signed a check from my own account, N150,000 twice, to an faceless Nurudeen Alabi.

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“I was taken to Eco bank at Ikota, Ajah that very day that I had cash there. There was a sum I fixed with Eco bank, they carried me to unfix it and move the cash to them. The total sum was N15 million. The account chief speculated something was wrong and didn’t acknowledge my application,” he told the board.

They needed me to transfer N41 million from my diamond corporate account to Edward Obinna.
Mr Mojeed said he was taken back to Ikeja, where the police began another round of torment saying he pulled a trick on them.

“As of now, they beat me that I was unable to see any longer, I was simply hearing words,” he said with tears in his eyes.

“After I regaind consciousness they returned me to the cell. Around 12 PM, they carried me out with certain detainees to dump three dead bodies in Hilux bus and said that on the off chance that I didn’t agree, that is the way they will waste my life
“On October 23, the next day, they returned me to Ajah, Diamond Bank. Prior to getting to the bank, they went to a boutique and got me new clothes, pants and cleaned me up and wore me the new clothes they purchased for me.

“Mr Edward Obinna was behind us in his own vehicle, following us. I was being driven inside the bank, two officials went inside with me and sat like clients,” he stated, presently crying.

He further portrayed that Mr Obinna went with him to where he picked a transfer form and wired N41 million to his account, adding that they waited at the bank untill he received the alert Mr Mojeed further portrayed that he was tormented and advised to compose a note and sign it that he moved N41 million to Mr Obinna willingly
The casualty included that October 24, 2014, he was taken to another Zenith bank office, where he moved N800, 000 to the same Mr Edward. He likewise paid another amount of N150, 000 through a check to Nurudeen Alabi under the supervision of Abba Kyari, the then OC, SARS.

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“In the wake of accomplishing their goal, the police set a call up with my wife that she can end the presence of my lawyer that they will settle the issue,” he said.

The casualty said he suffered poor sight and couldn’t hear appropriately after the episode. He went to Ajeromi General Hospital, Ajegunle, where he was treated.


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