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Abba Kyari May Have ‘Lost his Mind’ With Frequent Editing Of His Facebook Post

Screenshot 2021 08 05 at 12 16 36 Abba Kyari May Have Lost his Mind With Frequent Editing of His Facebook Post

The embattled Deputy Commissioner of Police, DPC Abba Kyari may have lost his mind over fear of what his future would be in the bribery allegation leveled against him by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI. The frequency by which he edited his Facebook post that attempted to explain his role in the Hushpuppi fraud scandal, is making the former head of Intelligence Response Team(IRT) to appear less intelligent. Could it be said that by attempting to justify his role in the bribery allegation, he has made many mistakes? Quite likely.

Having taken down the post, is it justifiable to think that, he would delete the text from he minds of the readers if he has his way? Well, let us see how Abba Kyari may have stumbled repeatedly over his frequent post editing.

Screenshot 2021 08 05 at 12 16 48 Abba Kyari May Have Lost his Mind With Frequent Editing of His Facebook Post

After being indicted in the Hushpuppi’s $1.1million Qatari businesspersons scam, DPC Abba Kyari took to his verified facebook page to deny collecting bribe from Ramon Abbas aka Hushpuppi. However, he admitted helping the notorious fraudster to purchase some native clothes and caps(5 sets) worth N300,000, saying he(Hushpuppi) paid directly to the clothes supplier’s bank account .

Careful analysis reveals that even though Abba Kyari was trying to exonerate himself from the allegation that he might have had access to Hushpuppi’s money, yet such update was not necessary as it could not help him in any way in his case. It looks more likely as an update from a nervous apprehensive character who may has lost his mind.

Having realized his mistake driven by his fear, on Tuesday evening, Abba Kyari edited the section claiming to have helped Hushpuppi get some attires worth N300,000. He replaced the text with a more complicated one, admitting to have played another role on June 2020 in helping to recover N8million from a friend who was indebted to Hushpuppi.

Although this explanation is related to the allegation that he collected N8million bride from Hushpuppi to arrest and jail on Vincent Chibuzo who clashed with Hushpuppi over a disagreement bordering on how to share the proceeds of unlawful transaction, yet he failed to remind himself that he has every reason to remain silent. Otherwise, what he said could be used against him in the court of competent jurisdiction. Consequent upon this text, the embattled Super Cop was under intense fire. He later took down the post when he didn’t secure the required sympathy from the consuming public. In losing his mind, Abba Kyari appeared less smarter.

Information from PAULMANKIN.COM website reveals that “debt collectors are not allowed to impersonate a law enforcement officer while attempting to collect a debt.” It is clearly explained that the police do not work for or assist debt collectors in collecting a debt. It is also clear that the Police do not show up at people’s homes in order to collect on a debt. L. Paul Mankin explained that a real police officer will never go to someone’s home with an arrest warrant and then give one an option of doing something (like paying a bill) in order to avoid being arrested.

However, the legal implication of impersonating a law enforcement officer can land someone in jail, Paul Mankin Consumers Protection Law Firm explains. It says when a debt collector impersonate a police officer in an attempt to collect a debt, they are in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and subject to a law suit where they can be forced to pay the alleged debtor. Abba Kyari as the Nigeria Head of Intelligent Response Team should have known this. However, having posted his role in debt collection involving Hushpuppi, it clearly showed the embattled cop might have lost his mind.

In Nigeria, debt collection is the statutory responsibility of law firms. As provided under section 21(1)a of the Limitation of Action Law, the limitation period for debt recovery that arose from a simple contract is six (6) years excluding the year the contract was entered into and executed.

Therefore, it is advisable to institute an action for debt recovery within the stipulated time frame before it becomes statute-barred. All the processes involved in debt collection do not include, arresting, harassing, or intimidating a debtor with police arrest.

Why didn’t the DPC Abba Kyari know this? For him to take down the whole post after escalating his issues, is an indication that he might have been enlightened by someone who is well abreast of the implication of his role. He should have understood that most people who act as debt collectors always get a percentage of the proceeds of the debt they helped to collect. And if the proceeds were from unlawful activities, i could be quite implicative.



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