"Abba Kyari Was Selling Guinea Clothes To Hushpuppi When There's Kano Market" - Nyma Reacts - Mc Ebisco "Abba Kyari Was Selling Guinea Clothes To Hushpuppi When There's Kano Market" - Nyma Reacts - Mc Ebisco

“Abba Kyari Was Selling Guinea Clothes To Hushpuppi When There’s Kano Market” – Nyma Reacts

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As the travail of Deputy Commissioner of Police Abba Kyari continues to be a subject of discussion, one of the ladies of Your View, a popular morning TV on TVC Nyma Akashat Zibiri has reacted, saying the embattled officer was selling guinea clothes to Hushpuppi when there is Kano market.

Kyari, who is unarguably one of the highly decorated Nigeria’s police officers, was suspended days after the United States District Court in California alleged his involvement in the $1.1million internet fraud of a Qatari businessman. The United States Court subsequently ordered the Federal Bureau of Investigation to extradite him after Hushpuppi had implicated him by asking him to detain Chizibuso Vincent Kelly; another syndicate member for his betrayal in the fraud involving a Qatari businessman.

Following the allegation of bribery against Kyari, he did not take him so long to debunk it as he said the sum of ₦300,000 sent to him by Hushpuppi was a tailoring service. According to him in a Facebook post, he said Hushpuppi came to his office a while ago, saw him in a native dress which he liked, then asked him to help him get some native clothes. In the end, Hushpuppi sent ₦300,000 for sewing of the clothes.

While reacting to the allegation of bribery scandal levelled against the embattled officer, Nyma Akashat Zibiri expressed her disbelief at seeing Kyari in Cubana Obi’s mother in Oba recently. According to her, a top police officer should be mindful of whom he relates with because of the high expectations of his position.

“The moment I saw Abba Kyari in Oba, I wondered who would investigate the source of the money flying. Everybody was extravagantly insulting the naira. Who would ask your source(sic)? You are the police. You don’t friend people like that. It is not an insult when you are not a friendly person. It is a credit to you in your name. You don’t just jolly around and say haters. Did you read his reply? He said na Guinea I sell for am. Our own DCP is selling guinea. The full Kano market cannot sell guinea,” she opined.

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Nyma added that Nigeria got to the point where it is now because when people are queried about their source of wealth, they tagged it as hatred for them. She maintained that there is no excuse for the DCP to be hobnobbing with all sorts of people with shady characters.

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