The Absurdity of Ghanaian Celebs: The Case of Fina using Hot Pics to sell her song (+18 Photos)

There have been questions as to who is a celebrity especially when the contest of ‘Ghanaian Celebs’ come to play. People have based it on popularity and others have based it on the influence of the person in question. This will certainly be a discussion for another day but today lets dive into the absurdity of some Ghana Celebs; using Fina as the case study of using hot pictures to sell and promote her songs.

Recently Sista Afia was in the news for saying Ghanaian should focus on her talent but not her dressing forgetting she sexualized herself out to make it into the mainstream in the entertainment industry.

Efia Odo has in the past lamented on how most Ghanaian men sexualize her and overlooking the fact that shes a great actress and a media personnel. The list can go on and on but however you portray yourself out is what the masses will buy and vibe to it and by this i am not saying its good to sexualize anyone.

The most recent person to join the train of using hot pics to sell their music is the young Ghanaian talent, Fina. Somewhere last year Fina released ‘Ebe Fa’ which talks about how she was gonna blow in the music industry with her hard work.

She went ahead to release ‘Today‘ and released a classic and very nice music video to it. The video depicted her well and nicely dressed and we all thought that was what she was gonna portray to everyone in the future.

I recently chanced on semi nude pictures of songstress Fina and my checks shows shes about to release a song titled ‘ Yen Nko Te aa’. To me this is very stupid on her part and maybe her entire , management to use that as a strategy to sell her new song.

Undoubtedly Fina is a good musician and can blow without her showing too much skin but if this is the strategy the management would want to use, we hope she doesn’t in the future joins the like of Sista Afia, Efia Odo, among other popular people in Ghana who are been focused on their flesh and not their talents.

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