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Abuja Boils As Some Hired Thugs Attack #EndSWAT Peaceful Protesters (Video & Photos)

The #EndSARS protesters were blindsided by hired thugs in Abuja Wednesday as they were attacked during the protests.


Thugs wielding various weapons, with the aid of the police, fell upon the #EndSARS protesters, smashing cars and anything in their way.

See photos showing some of the cars that were damaged by thugs at protest.

The drastic turn of events has incensed Nigerian Twitter users, who lament the pathetic state of affairs in the country today.

READ FULL ARTICLES HERE×450/ANor4M47Vj2EX-IQ.mp4?tag=10×800/KkbfJJlsClCnxNSj.mp4?tag=10

See some comments below.

@Sxmto_ wrote: The thugs they sent at protesters in Abuja had sticks, cutlasses & other dangerous weapons on them. So, let’s say one of these animals kill a Protester now, who should be held accountable? Man I hate this country so much. @MrOdanz wrote: Policemen shared sticks and batons to hired thugs in Utako and conveyed them with buses to Berger to attack #ENDSARS protesters. The system is rotten. @Adebayor_ralph wrote: The police just sent several thugs to cause violence at protest at Berger Abuja. It took some minutes but we have finally repelled them. Trying to restore order now.

Some of the hired thugs who were paid N1500 according to information gathered were captured with many of them injured:READ FULL ARTICLES HERE×450/JHg6iF6FrhLVPCvj.mp4?tag=10

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