Abuja Human Milk Factory With 115 Young Girls Where Customers Pay With Bitcoin (Details Below)

Nigerian specialists protected 115 moms in Abuja, whose breast milk was harvested every day and then processed into various dairy products such as cheddar cheese, cream spread and new milk. A portion of these young women were almost as young as 16, the most established was 22, and most of them were missing for the past 3 years.

The police presume that their captors recorded everything they did to them for three years and transferred it to the boring network to attract their clients. Young girls were assaulted and pregnant live on the web, and after conceiving offspring, they were drained like cows every day and their milk manipulated using probably the latest innovation in the dairy business. 3 hungry cows were kept as a front in case the police began to investigate the place.

Most of the items in the dirty warehouse were transported out of the country, along with recordings of the drainage, handling and packaging of the items. Computers and desk work proved that dairy activity was subsidized by fans who watch dairy activity live on the dim web.

The funders of the boring network were paying the dairy managers using digital currency. They pay to have personalized recordings and explicit youth breast milk items and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Any request for a young lady to take care of a particular dinner the day before her is exhausted in detail and for the defenseless young women to make statements such as “This milk is for you (insert name)”.
In addition, it found that Nigerian specialists had raised concerns about the wrongdoing of some illicit breast milk offices equipped to project questions about the battle against the law.

According to him, Nigerian specialists have pledged that the two associations and people involved in illegal breast milk products from explicit young people be prosecuted.


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