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Access your favorite news site instantly in 3 simple steps, a top Nigerian digital news and media platform, which was previously known as, has been delivering fast, quality and reliable content to more than 1 Thousand local and foreign readers since November 2018.

Therefore, we deem it necessary to show you a simple solution that may take less than 10 seconds of your time, but will ensure smooth and uninterrupted experience for you, our esteemed readers.

Access your favourite news site instantly in 3 simple steps The current look of Opera’s home screen may change, but a simple operation will bring it back. Source: Original

  1. Press ‘ + ’ sign on the home screen of an Opera browser
  2. Enter the URL of our site,, or just pick it from auto-suggest
  3. Press ‘Enter’ to confirm. Done!

You have just added us to favourites and will continue enjoying instant access to your favourite news.

Learn more about, its mission and values from the Manifesto of our project.

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