How To Activate Airtel 6gb Plus Free 4G LTE 4gb Data

I have written a lot on Airtel Data, on K info village and also here on K info arena. I am going to share with you tips on the Airtel 6gb data and most importantly you should be wary on

Latest Updates on Airtel Data Plan
I wrote numerous and scintillating post on Glo Data, notable and recent on is the Glo Data Splash that gives 2gb for a very affordable price, which all can be view on the two mentioned site above.

MTN was not left out with All best Data subscription packages plus tariff plans.

Airtel Data Bundle of Airtel 6gb + Free 4G LTE
It has become the tradition of some of our network providers if not all of them, the Glo, MTN, Airtel and even 9mobile among many others, To give their customers incentives or let call it bonuses when you recharge.


Meanwhile, I had a bitter experience with Airtel these days, when I intend to subscribe for Data plan of N1500 that qualifies me to get:

Airtel 6gb

2.5gb of data

1gb night plan

Another 2.5gb double data bonus

with 4G LTE Free 4gb data

4G LTE Free 4gb data
Let me quickly brief you on how to get the free 4G LTE 4gb free data

This is only or let me say currently for new activated Airtel SIM

It works only on 4G enable devices

Its validity period is just 7days

Back to my discussion, other bonuses for this N1500 Airtel Data plan was the recharge bonus of 1gb with like 2weeks validity. And not to made mention of the on-net and off-net call bonus.

Let me be cleared here
This is Airtel way of wooing their new and old customers to stay glued to their network. But I was denied the call bonus of almost N2000 from the N1500 recharge I made. WHY?

I was told by the Airtel call centre agent that I was denied this because I recharge my line with N1500 once and not in piecemeal (Small small).

That I should have firstly recharge either N1000 then with the addition of N500 (But the sense of it, was that don’t recharge above N1000).

The Call bonus that I was denied off goes like this, for example

If you recharge with N100 Airtel gives you the bonus of:

N125 to all Airtel to Airtel (On-net)

Another N125 to call all other networks (Off-net) and

N100 for your Airtel Family and Friend (f&f)

Now Imagine what I have lost from been denied those bonus from my N1500 recharge.

I hate mathematics, help me do the calculation of my denied bonuses and share it with me in the comment section below.

TO BAD TO EXPERIENCE THIS: Is it now a crime to recharge with N1500 voucher?

Let me know you view on this in the comment section below

Then What happened?
To add salt to the injury, before my initial subscription, my way of doing things is to firstly, exhaust any data bonus before making any subscription.

Unfortunately, instead Airtel charge from the 4G LTE 4gb free data, my money was being deducted from. And almost N370 was charged from the N1500 I recharged.

I had to call the Airtel call centre on 121 again for this deduction from my account balance. But I was told the bonus works for only 4G enable device.

And for a device like our smartphones, the settings from the phone network must be on 4G only or you are to be in 4G LTE area.

What to do to enjoy Airtel 6gb data + 4G LTE free 4gb data
Firstly, you need to set your phone network setting to 4G, if you want to use the 4gb data bonus that last for 7days and any other 4G data bonuses.

Meanwhile, you can also use your old Airtel SIM to get those bonus of up to 10gb data. Read this piece or buy new 4G LTE SIM to enjoy free data read this on how to activate and more.

To get all the list of 4G LTE device that works for all networks in Nigeria see them all here.

What do you think of this my experience on Airtel?

Let me know your own experience in the comment section below, as I will love to read them all.

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