The Actor That Just Died, Check Out The Sickness He Battled Till Death Came

As we all know that death is inevitable and will come for every man when the time is due, we should try as much as possible to live our life to the fullest, creating positive impact in the society. If you would permit me, I want to quickly review the life achievements of this veteran actor. The actor had his formal education at St Edward’s Secondary School, he never stopped as he pursued to obtain his Tetiary Institution certificate in which got many degrees including in Ahmadu Bello University.

Before the demise of Sadiq Daba on 3rd of March, 2021 the actor has been nursing two very serious illness which are one of the biggest factor that eventually led to his death. Before these sickness claimed his life he had been very active in his acting career, despite the fact that he was an old man, he had pulled all strings he could to battle the the illness. According to reports, and google clarifications Sadiq Daba suffered in the hands of Leukaemia and Prostate Cancer which he himself announced in 2017 and was financially supported by prominent individuals such as Josephine Obiajulu Odumakin, Mabel Oboh and some others.

Infact, the former Nollyhood actor and broadcaster actively joined the move against cancer in 2018 which was officially named Project Pink Blue in commemoration of World Cancer Day on the 3 of February, 2018. Ever since then he had stayed away from the screen just to recover his healthy status but as God would have it he finally gave up the ghost at Ayinka Hospital which is located in Ikeja,

Prostate Cancer and Leukaemia are two very life threatening illness anyone hardly survive. The prostate cancer are slow illness usually affect the prostate of human system. Prostate is a gland that is around the male reproductive system that surrounds the urethra just below the bladder. In later stages, the patient would begin to experience pain in urinating, blood fluids in urine and serious pain in the pelvic or the back.

Leukemia on the other side is a cancer of the blood cells that begins in the bone marrow, the blood cells never fully developed so they are called blasts. It symptoms include bruises, pain, bleeding, fever and fatigue. May the soul of Sadiq Bada rest in peace.

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