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Actress Peggy Ovire Calls Out Man Who Stole Three Phones From Her Store While Pretending To Buy Clothes For His Wife

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Actress Peggy Ovire has shared CCTV footage showing how a man came into her store to steal clothing items.

The man had come in the clothing store pretending to be interested in buying clothes for his ‘wife.’ After he succeeded in distracting the salesgirls, he began to steal the phones.

”This happened today, this guy walked into my store @_peggysworld & deceived my girls that he wanted to buy clothes for his wife , distracted them & stole 3 phones from the counter.

To every business owner tell your workers to watch out for this guys, Lagos isn’t a Safe place at all, Even thou we are all trying to survival some people will still try & steal from you.

I don’t have strength for any police waka right now, Posting this so every one can be at Alert of this day light Robber ….”

Watch CCTV footage showing moments he picked the phones below



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