Adamu Garba Revealed What He Will Do To Revolve Secession Issues If He Becomes President


The agitation for secession has been one of the major challenges in the country; the demand to split from Nigeria has come primarily from the country’ s Southeast and Southwest regions, among other areas of the country. Abubakar Malami, the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, has stated that the Federal Government may be willing to engage in talks on how to address the agitation for secession in Nigeria. It is not news that Igbo leaders have been asking for the release of Nnamdi Kanu, while Sunday Igboho has remained in detention in the Benin Republic for the past two years.

Many Nigerian leaders have already shown an interest in running for the presidency in the general election scheduled for 2023.

Adamu Garba, a past presidential aspirant, has revealed some of the things he plans to accomplish if he is elected President of the United States of America in the next election. Politics Nigeria reported that Adamu Garba has stated that the country’ s name will be changed by his administration. He stated that the name of the organization will be changed to ” The Nigerian Federation. ”

Adamu Garba has stated that he will provide sovereign autonomy to both the Yoruba agitators wanting the formation of the Oduduwa nation and the Igbo agitators demanding the formation of the Biafran nation. Adamu Garba, who made the announcement on social media, stated that everything will fall under the jurisdiction of the Nigerian Federation.

He predicted that everyone would be pleased. Adamu Garba expressed an interest in running for President of the country on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) party, however he was unsuccessful in obtaining the party’ s presidential nomination in 2015.

The future of Adamu Garba’ s presidential ambitions in the next general election, on the other hand, is far from clear. The question is whether Adamu Garba would be able to secure the APC’ s presidential nomination this time around or not.

Leaders in the country should, in my opinion, be focusing their efforts on finding a long- term solution to the demand for separation. The only way Adamu Garba’ s solution will be successful is if and when he is elected President of the Republic of Nigeria.


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