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After 20 Years Abroad, My Husband Returns Empty Handed To Accuse Me Of Infidelity And Diabolism.

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My name is Margaret (surname not mentioned to protect myself). I am a from Anambra State and also married in Anambra. My husband and I got married on the 27th of August, 1997, and it was a memorable day for me. My husband was not rich, neither was he poor, he was just a hard-working man. We had two children in 1998 and 1999 respectively (I will not mention their names), and I felt like the most blessed woman in the world. But by the December 1999, our financial situation went from bad to worse and husband changed from a loving man to a monster. He started keeping late nights and getting drunk most of the time. Whenever I confronted him about his behaviour, he would beat me blue and black, without reservations.

This continued until February 2000, when my younger brother came back from Germany and I begged him to help my husband, and he agreed. He made some calls in my presence, and then told me that there was an opportunity for my husband to travel to Italy, but it was going to cost N600,000, which was a huge amount of money at that time. I told him straight that we didn’t have that kind of money both home and abroad. So he promised to support with sixty percent of the money while we rally for the rest. Forty percent of the money would be N200,000 and I didn’t know where the money would come from. I went to my father’s business partner who was a family friend and he lended me the money. My husband travelled to Italy in September 2000, and I was so happy and optimistic that our lives will soon change, and I was pregnant with another child at this time.

When he first travelled, we didn’t hear from him until the end of the year and he sent me 300 euro through his friend. After that, I no longer heard from him and I became afraid, when I asked his friend, he told me that my husband was okay, and has relocated from Vicenza to Milan, but then he also told me that my husband’s behaviour has changed, that he was now messing around with women and not truly concentrating on what he came for. And for almost four years, I didn’t hear from my husband, which was really difficult to cope with, as I was going through hell to raise our three children all alone with my meager salary as a teacher.

He started calling after four years, sending piecemeal amounts of money, barely enough to feed the children. I continued enduring this for all these years, managing what ever amount he sends to take care of the children. He first came back in 2008, telling his kinsmen in the village that I bewitched him, which was why all the money he made wasted away. He left Nigeria, and never came back, only sending peanuts whenever he wanted to. I remember telling him about, buying a piece of land, so we could build our own house, but instead of being happy with the idea, he gave me all manner of insults.

He has finally returned home, after wasting twenty years of achieving absolutely nothing, not even owning a bicycle, to tell everyone, including his kinsmen and our neighbors that I have been unfaithful and I have also used JuJu to tie his destiny so he won’t progress. Can you imagine?

Now I asked myself. Was I not the one who helped him travel abroad? Why won’t I want him to progress? I see these kind of stories in Bollywood, but never believed it could happen, let alone to me. Now I have been summoned by his kinsmen to defend the allegations of my husband.

What do I do now?

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