After FG Banned Telecoms Services In Katsina, See What Bandits Use Now For Communication


Bandits in Katsina State have apparently turned to using radio frequency walkie- talkie trans- receivers as a substitute to the present GSM mobile network blockade in the affected regions.

The administration called the situation as ” very concerning. ”

Bandits and cattle rustlers operating out of the Rugu forest are claimed to be terrorizing communities in around 17 of the state’ s 34 local government units.

The government recently implemented the contents of a Containment Order, which includes, among other things, restrictions on the use of GSM facilities, the sale of fuel, and the closing of certain routes and highways in particular sections of the state.

At a news conference yesterday, Secretary to the State Government (SSG), Muhammed Mustapha Inuwa, reviewed the status of the Containment Order and expressed disappointment that the bandits have discovered new ways to avoid government efforts to limit banditry and related acts of criminality.

” The tactics range from robbing PMS from the petrol tanks of vehicles and motorcyclists to ransacking communities and forcing villagers to source PMS on their behalf. ”

” The criminals’ most recent and most concerning move is the observed acquisition of Radio Frequency Walkie- Talkie Trans- Receivers, which they have begun to use.

” However, security officials are on the lookout in order to put an end to the misconduct. ”

The SSG, on the other hand, said that since the Containment Order was implemented, there had been a significant decrease in occurrences of banditry and cattle rustling.

” For example, in July/August 2021, there were a total of 173 recorded kidnapping episodes involving 475 people, but in September/October 2021, there were 61 reported kidnapping incidents involving 201 people. ”

” Banditry cases during the same time totaled 97 events in July/August 2021, resulting in 130 deaths and 57 injuries.

” 480 people were detained between March and September 2021 in an effort to bring the culprits to justice, 42 are under investigation, and 216 are facing charges. “


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