AFTER GOD FEAR WOMEN! ! ! Angry Wife Behead Her Husband For Allegedly Cheating On Her


An angry house wife have reportedly beheaded her husband because she suspected that he was cheating on her, the lady who was identified as one Rachel Tetteh was arrested by the Police after she reportedly chopped off her husband’ s head with a machete, because she suspected that he was cheating on her with another woman.

According to the informations we gathered, it was learnt that 27 year old Rachel Tetteh decided to commit the gruesome act after having a suspicion that her husband was being unfaithful to her, it was learnt that the victim who was identified as Daniel Lartey 35 year old, was on his way to the farm when his wife trailed him and then laid an ambush for him, after which she then attacked him from behind and pushed him on the ground.

It was learnt that Rechel after managing to knock her husband to the ground, grabbed a machete and then attacked her husband with it, it was learnt that she continued to attack her husband with the machete despite several loud cries from the man who was pleading for his life as he groaned in agony, after killing her husband, it was learnt that Rachel used the machete to chop off his head probably to make sure that he was thoroughly dead.


It was learnt that the gruesome incident happened at Yei Glover, a farming community near Akyem Bosuso, the headless body of the deceased man was later recovered by the Police and deposited at a mortuary, while the perpetrator of the gruesome act (Rachel Tetteh) was also arrested by the Police.

According to statement by DSP Ebenezer Tetteh, a Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) who confirmed the incident, the police spokesman revealed that a misunderstanding had ensued between the couple over alleged cheating few minutes before the victim left the house, he added that the lifeless body of the victim was later found lying dead in a prone position with his head severed from his body.



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