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After He Donated 10 Million For My Father’s Surgery My Family Says I Can’t Marry Him Because He Is Osu


Things people go through in life can be so challenging that one wonders what the essence of this whole life is after all.

Ngozi has a bitter complaint about her parents, according to her the Fiance who was set to marry her was stopped because of the outlawed Osu caste system.

And this her fiance has been so nice to her and the family but now all of a sudden the family who was the major beneficiary to Chinedu’s generosity has turned their backs to him became of the Osu caste system.

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Hello, Osigwe please treat my issue, my name is Ngozi and I am from the east.

There is this young man I am supposed to get married to by name Chinedu.

Chinedu dropped out of school for me to get my education it was years later he had to go back and complete his own education. All this while Chinedu has done a lot for my family, from paying rent to assisting in school fees. Only two months ago my dad was down with kidney failure and needed 10 million for immediate surgery.

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Chinedu donated the money without even we stressing him. Now my dad is back to Nigeria hale and hearty.

Last week Chinedu proposed to me and I accepted I called for a party with my friends to celebrate this,

Just two days ago my father sent a high delegation from my village to inform me I can’t marry Chinedu because is an Osu.

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I have never heard0 where they still practice such. What pains me most is my dad that was saved knew all this while where Chinedu was from and yet he was a beneficiary to this awesome generosity.

Please I cant leave Chinedu for anybody. How do I handle this issue in other not to hurt my parents and still get married to Chin

Please advise.

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