After Reading This Leaked Whatsapp Chat You Will See Reasons Why Your Child Must Be Your Best Friend

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One thing our children deserve to get from us is eduction, love and care. These three important things is what makes or mar afrom childhood.

Children need both parents by their side as they are growing. If you are observant enough, you will notice that majority of criminals around are products of bad parenting, or most times products of single parents. A motherly figure is as important as a a fatherly figure in the life of a growing child. One thing that keep occuring, is that whenever one person (the father or mother), is missing in the life of a child, that child begins to change towards one direction.

What you need to know as a parent is that money is not what a child needs all the time. There are times in your child’s life, that more attention and more precious time with them is very important.

Parents often complain that they do not have time. This is because of the busy work schedule they face everyday. It is important to know, that as a parent, you need to create time for your families.

This is very important, because if you fail to teach your child what he or she needs to know, someone else will end up teaching them the wrong way.

Here is a leaked Whatsapp converation between a girl and her friends mom. The young girl who was experiencing her menstrual period, did not know what menstrual cycle is and therefore confided in her mothers friend. The mothers friend, who obviously knew, in a bid to mislead the young girl, refused to tell her the truth, instead she recommended to introduce her to a male lover, who will take a very good Care of her.

Here is the whatsapp conversation;

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