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Aisha Buhari Reveals Her Thoughts Concerning Buhari’s Govt In New Book

In a new book by her special assistant, Hajo Sani, First Lady Aisha Buhari has disclosed her thoughts on issues concerning her husband’s administration.

In a book titled “Aisha Buhari: Being Different,” she mentioned that her words are meant to serve as a wake-up call for people to do the right thing and incite substantive policy reform, rather than to criticize her husband’s government.

She said in the novel, which will be released tomorrow, Thursday, that she hoped to touch the sensibilities of those in charge and encourage them to take corrective action whenever she spoke.

Disgruntled media groups skewed the first interview she gave to BBC Hausa Service, according to the first lady.

The author, who is the Senior Special Assistant to the President (SSAP) on administration and women affairs in charge of the First Lady’s Office, also recalled that many people will remember President Buhari’s response to a query during a joint press briefing with German Chancellor Angela Merkel during his visit to Germany.

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According to her, when asked about his wife by a BBC interviewer, the president replied, “I don’t know which party my wife belongs to, but she belongs to my kitchen, my living room, and the other room.”

“His comments went viral on social media almost immediately, with some people expecting and demanding a rebuttal from Aisha. Meanwhile, she never challenged her husband or denied the assertion. This is Aisha Buhari in her prime. She has known her husband for decades and knows his attitude and sense of humor, a side of him that the general public might not be aware of or appreciate.

“However, the controversy did not deter her from engaging on national issues on a frequent and consistent basis, especially in matters of party politics and governance,” the author noted.

Sani also cited examples of the First Lady posting videos on social media that went viral and ignited discussions, noting that Aisha has a dual reason for sharing such content.

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“The first is that she is motivated to connect with the general feelings of the people by her humanitarian nature,” he says. Second, she wishes to bring current issues to the attention of policymakers.

“By posting these messages, she is indirectly acknowledging that the government, of which she is a member, isn’t flawless and can make mistakes, and she is gracious enough to admit this. Even the critic could raise a bucket of water to help put out the flames if your house is on fire and you admit it.

“Aisha is worried about measures that do not bode well for the general public.

“If her acts are viewed by others as criticism of her husband’s government, we must learn to differentiate between positive and negative criticism, as some have suggested.

“When things aren’t going well, she sounds the alarm and looks for answers. The public’s perception of her is that she is a government critic. She, on the other hand, provides ways to clear up misconceptions.”

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Aisha has been a target on social media, according to Sani, since the beginning of her husband’s presidency.

“Everything she says is interpreted differently from a sociocultural and political standpoint.

Political foes then use it to discredit her in order to gain political advantage.

“However, this hasn’t stopped the First Lady from speaking out on important issues. Like a prophecy, the majority of what she says comes true, and she is vindicated over time. “As the saying goes, the truth always wins,” she explained.

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