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Aisha Opens Up On Her Marriage To Buhari, Reveals How She Survived After Getting Married Early

Have you ever been curious about the marriage of President Buhari to his wife Aisha Buhari? Have you ever been curious to know how their journey began and how they got to where they are today? If you have ever been curious about that, then this revelation from the First Lady provides answers to that.

In the new biography of Aisha Buhari authored by Daji Sani, Senior Special Assistant to the President on Administration and Women Affairs, the First Lady revealed that she got married to President Muhammadu Buhari in 1989 at the age of 18, and how she survived after getting married at an early age.

In the new book which was presented to the public yesterday titled “Aisha Buhari: Being Different”, Aisha Buhari revealed that when she got married early the future looked quite uncertain, but she was able to conquer her fears and worries with the spirit of optimism.

She also spoke about the man she married Muhammadu Buhari, and described him as the kind of man any woman would want to marry, adding that her family values also played crucial roles in seeing her through.


She said that girl-child education is not considered a priority in many parts of northern Nigeria, and early marriage affects every girl there. According to a UNICEF report, one out of every seven girls is said to have given birth by the age of seventeen. And one of the excuses is that early marriage reduces poverty.

Another excuse normally used was that getting married early would help to protect the sanctity of the girl-child. And reports also reveal that early marriage is more rampant among girls who are least educated and come from very poor homes.

That was the kind of socio-cultural structure Aisha was born in. So in 1989 when the young Aisha Halilu got married to Muhammadu Buhari, a retired Major General in the Nigerian Army and former military Head of State of Nigeria, the future did not look completely clear to her.

Throwback photo of Aisha Buhari and President Muhammadu Buhari:

But the hope in her mind was huge. As fate smiled on her and blessed her with a husband who was an enlightened gentleman, the kind of man any woman would love to be with, a man who was responsible and highly placed in the society. Even though marrying Buhari automatically put her on the path of greatness, but her family values were also instrumental to what she later became.

Marriage is an unpredictable institution, and moves at a really undulating speed. It is full of uncertainties, but one needs to have the ability to conquer the challenges that marriage throws at you. The young Aisha, like any other girl-child who married as a teenager, was able to overcome her own challenges and grow into womanhood.

Today, that girl who got married at the age of 18, not sure of what the future held for her, is now the First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. She is now blessed with wonderful children who are doing great in their own ways and making her proud.

This should be a lesson to every Nigerian woman out there – both married and unmarried – that marriage is not a bed of roses. There will be challenges, but how you overcome those challenges is entirely up to you. And your values have a lot to do with it.

Even though she got married early because of the socio-cultural background she came from, she still went ahead to achieve great things for herself, acquired some certificates, and impacted the lives of thousands of other women.

I hope her story will be an inspiration to other women out there, and make them understand that they can overcome the challenges in their marriage if they set their mind on it.

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