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After Akeredolu Warns Sunday Igboho Concerning Oduduwa Nation, See What Nigerians Are Saying

Akeredolu is currently the Governor of Ondo state, the Governor of Ondo state caught a lot of Nigerians attention when he gave an order that unregistered Herdsmen should Leave Ondo state, even thou it got a lot of backlash from Some Nigerians, some people still praise him for taking a bold step. Furthermore, Sunday Igboho who has been regarded by some Nigerians as a freedom fighter, due to him speaking up against the Insecurity happening in his region, although some Nigerians were not happy with the way he handled the situation.

However, the Governor of Ondo State has issued a warning to Sunday Igboho Concerning setting up a nation in the south west, according to him the Ondo state government will not tolerate any form of gathering or agitation of the Yoruba nation by Sunday Igboho and his followers in Ondo state. Moreover, even though restructuring was suggested Sunday Igboho still denies if that will be the solution to Nigeria problem, according to him the only solution is the creation of the Yoruba nation.

You can find some of Nigerians reactions below.

Although, it was reported that a campaign started in Lagos for the sensitization about the Yoruba nation yesterday, it has got out a lot of mixed reactions from Nigerians, some are even suggesting for their arrest while some were proud of them. Furthermore, as a Nigerian separation might not be the solution to the problem but national dialogue that includes every single person down to the minorities, I have done a visibility study and found out the reason most of this people are agitating for a Yoruba nation, the few people I interviewed said that it is because of less opportunities been given to them, I think the Nigerian Government need to take this very seriously in order to reduce further tension that is getting stronger in different regions.


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