All Schools Should Remain Close Till January 2021 (What Is Your Own Opinion)

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This concern for school resumption has become one the prevailing issue right now in the country. President Muhammadu Buhari is always taking about it.

As parents and children, as well as everybody is agitating for the school resumption for various reasons known to them, owners of private schools especially that of the secondary and primary schools, are very much eager that school resume immediately.

For most parents it will ease the level of food consumption and also the burden on them, as the more the children tend to stay at home the more they are consuming. And so they are eager and expecting that school should resume.

Yes, children and students Especially the WAEC, NECO and NABTEB candidates, that where about to write their exams before the outbreak of the pandemic took over. All of them are yearning for school to resume very soon so that they can take their exams. The final year students in the university are also on the watch for what the government is saying concerning the school resumption due to their projects.

For most private Institutions like the tertiaries institution and most especially for the nursery, primary and secondary levels. They are fully aware that their source of income is limited as the students are no longer coming to school, and the hope of getting income and payments is not available. Which makes them to be on the neck of governments to give out the rights for school to reopen in the midst of the pandemic.

In my opinion All school should remain closed till January 2021.

Yes, All school should remain closed till 2021 for the following reasons.

  1. It is not enough to say that school should reopen, but implications or the effects is really necessary to put into consideration. Look at other countries like China, France and many others who opened up their school thinking they have been able to conquer the terrible and life threatening ailments. Unfortunately the number rose again above their imagination as new cases emerges. These are big countries in no way to be compared with this underdeveloped country. In my opinion you could imagine what will happen to us.

  2. School should resume next year as it will give the government enough time to strategize on how to go about it for the benefit of everyone. It is not about rushing and give guidelines on how it would be done. But taking time to do so as it involves ones health.

  3. Our children are too tender especially in the primary and secondary school. As they may not really heed to instructions, and may tend to forget easily unlike the the grown up. There by putting their selves in danger which would result in new cases of the virus emerging.

  4. To avoid a more serious outbreak of the virus, like what is going on in other countries. online and radio classes should still be going on till January 2021.

In my opinion no school whether higher institution and secondary and primary school should reopen.

What is your own opinion concerning the issue?

What do you think?

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