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Alleged RUGA: Orluzurumee Youth Group Warns Nigerian Military To Withdraw Troops From IZOMBE

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Orluzurumee Youths, the apex youth body for the people of Orlu Zone, have observed with dismay, the systematic and unnecessary display of force by the Nigerian Military in many parts of the Orlu Zone in recent times.

That of Izombe over the weekend created a lot of tension in the area as 9News Nigeria reportedly gathered.

In a release signed by Ikemba Don C. Uba, KSP,

National Publicity Secretary and seconded by Prince Arthur Madumere, MNES, MISPON,

National President, which was made available to 9News Nigeria, The group have expressed bitterness on the continued killings and wanton destruction of houses in the Izombe area.

The group regretted the most recent one being the one that occurred Friday, 8th October 2021 grading such act as one too many.

The original copy of the release reads thus:

And we ask: what is the offence of Ndi Orlu Zone? Why will most of the uprisings in the state since the emergence of the leadership of Sen. Hope Uzodimma as the state’s helmsman be targeted at Orlu Zone?

From the feelers we got, the cause of Friday’s faceoff was as a result of the people of the area allegedly blatantly rejecting the use of their lands for any form of RUGA.

If this is the true situation, then they are absolutely right as no part of the Orlu Zone should be used for RUGA except the people who agree to such.

The governor cum chief security officer of the state, who is ironically our own son, should live up to his duties and call the army to order.

The incessant killing and incarceration of the youths of the Orlu Zone is unacceptable again and it is high time the governor should face governance of the state headlong.

We, as the people entrusted with the task of speaking and leading the youths of the zone, have decided to speak. We don’t want to see and not speak as it will lead to our untimely deaths.

Enough is enough, Orluzurumee Youth group called on the Imo Government to facilitate the withdrawal of military personnel in their area as this may lead to a breakup between the NIGERIAN ARMY and the landowners.


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