Always Treat Your Maid Well, Meet The House Maid That Is Treated Like A Family Member


Some people regard house maids as people that are very low in class and most of them are regarded as nothing. We have heard cases of house maids that are maltreated and some of them are beaten very hardly because of minor issues. Many house maids have suffered in the hands of their masters. But do you know that some masters are very kind and loving to their housemaids?.

There are masters that treat their house mates as part of their family, some of them do buy clothes, go shopping for their house maids as they do for their family. It is very good to be good to your house maids and treat them like family, treat them like human beings because they are one. Some of the maltreatment some house maids recieve from their master make them do wicked things to their masters without thinking twice. Once again, it pays to be good to your house maids.

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This is the same state with a Kenyan rapper known as King Kaka. King Kaka has a house maid known as Christine, she has been living with them with up to 7 years. But the rapper treats her as if she is part of the family despite she has a child, and her child is also living with them. Not everybody will allow their house maid to bring their child with them to live in his house. The story was shared by King Kaka’s wife in social media, read the story below.

The part that shocked people was when the family wanted to take a photo shoot, they all wore the same cloth and she also joined the family in the photo shoot with the same cloth including her own child which you can see her carrying in the photo. She and her son has been treated like part of the family. This is lovely. What have you got to say about this? Put ’em in the comment box. Like, share and follow me up for more interesting articles.

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