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Amaechi Okobi dives underwater in a suit to mark his 50th birthday (See Photos)


Amaechi Okobi turns 50 today and he shared photos of himself taken underwater to mark his golden jubilee.

The marketing communication expert can be seen fully clad in a suit as he dived underwater.

In his caption, he thanked God for life and reflected on what it’s like turning 50.


See below.

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Goodness. Old. Am. Years. My. Fifty. Oh. I. By themselves those simple words are not particularly remarkable. When you put them together, however, and do some repositioning, everything changes. What you have now is a weighty sentence that is loaded with thousands of different interpretations. Ok, maybe not ‘thousands,’ but a hell of a lot. Oh my goodness, I am fifty years old! Joy… Relief… Excitement… Gratitude… Fear… Trepidation… Regret… Failure. The list is endless. And in many cases, not dissimilar to the feelings that flood the mind at the thought of turning 40, or even 30. For me, the first thing on my mind is gratitude. I am immensely grateful to God for getting me here. Forget what you think you know, ALL NA GOD! He is the beginning and the end. In a world where many don’t make it this far, I must first kneel and thank Him. 50 falls nicely into what studies have found to be ‘Middle Age.’ It’s the midpoint of one’s life. Of course, that presupposes that one will live to 100. Then there are those who see it as the point from which the only way forward is down. That is to say, you’ve crested the hill of life and it’s all downhill from there. I call bulls— sorry, bovine waste (sounds more respectful); it is a time to smile and consider how blessed and thankful I am for this new decade. This new phase of life. But that’s not the story. What am I saying *thoughtful gaze into the night sky** That IS the story. Oh my goodness; I’m fifty years old today!!! And life is beautiful. I say, “Amen.” Ps. Big shout out to @kelechiamadiobi for these pictures. I had so much fun. #Itsmybirthday #godisgood

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