Ambazonia Attack: Ndume Dismisses Notion Attack Threatens Nigeria’s Territorial Integrity


Borno Southern Senator Ali Ndume rejected the idea that the recent attack by Ambazonia fighters on a community in Taraba state poses a threat to Nigeria’ s territorial integrity.

According to Naija news, he said what happened should not be seen as an attack by the separatist group or Cameroon on Nigeria as a country.

According to the lawmaker, the attack zone is a border community between Nigeria and Cameroon, so based on the information available to date on the incident, what happened was a communal clash.

Ndume made his point known on Thursday while reacting to Wednesday’ s revelation that a Cameroonian separatist group known as Ambazonia Fighters attacked Takum LGA in Taraba state, killing the village chief and some inhabitants of the Manga community.

Making his point known in an interview with Channels TV on Thursday, Ndume said the case could not be seen as external aggression against Nigeria, but that it was a case of border communities involved in a community conflict which, the lawmaker added, is not unusual.

” I don’ t want you to take it as you say now as external aggression. I listened to the governor, it is more about community or tribal conflicts which affect the communities along our borders” ,

he said.

” You know that the borders of Nigeria and Cameroon stretch from Taraba and even up to Cross River, all the way to Borno in my local government- Gwoza LGA.

” We have several villages and towns across the borders and most of the time it is divided by rivers and you can see Manga village is resettlement resettled from the site of the dam construction.

” As the governor said, the details are not yet known. This kind of communal clash between tribes and communities does not happen frequently, but it can happen especially nowadays.

” Economic and sometimes political reasons, in rare cases even religious.

” This is not a threat to our territorial integrity. What I suspect, because the reports are not published, is more of a communal clash.

” What I am saying is that the safety of every Nigerian is a constitutional issue and in fact, it is the main objective of the government, but that does not mean that Cameroon or the Ambazonia that you have called threatens Nigeria. ”

Meanwhile, Former Kogi West Senator, Dino Melalye has alleged that the Federal Government is using the 2022 budget to defraud Nigerians.

Recall that President Muhammadu Buhari had presented a budget proposal of N16. 39 trillion for the year 2022 to the Joint Session of the National Assembly in October.

Speaking during a press conference in Abuja on Thursday, Melaye claimed that the budget was full of fake items running into billions of naira.

Melaye alleged the 2022 budget was full of corruption, wondering why the FIRS budget would be more than the National Assembly and the judiciary.

He said the FIRS budget stood at N228 billion while the National Assembly budget was pegged at N134 billion and N120 billion was proposed for the judiciary.


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