Ambode’s APC Appointment Signals Tinubu’s Rejection, End Of Alleged Presidential Ambition (Opinion)




The political equation in Lagos state took a dramatic turn when the former governor, Akinwunmi Ambode was recently appointed by the APC leadership into its strategic functions committee.

Recall former governor Ambode had fallen out of favor with his erstwhile political godfather, the APC national leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.





Their rift had become so deep that the APC leader had never shied away from talking about it and blaming the ex-governor for his numerous mistakes and woes while he was still governor.

The appointment of Ambode has however sent tongues wagging as the ex-governor has been out of political circulation for a long while and was even touted as seeking for a new platform to further his political ambition.

His rather shocking return to prominence within the party ranks has further raised dust as some political pundits have continued asking if Aswaju Tinubu was in the know before the appointment was made.

During the commissioning of the Agege pen cinema bridge early this month, the former governor, Ambode was conspicuously absent and that was shocking as the brigde was initiated in his time.

It was, however, not known if he was invited and he chose not to honor the invite, or if he was completely left out.

But the speech Tinubu gave against him had proved all doubt, that he was deliberately left out.

In the speech, Tinubu did not mention names but he noted that sometimes in 2017-2018 (Which was in Ambode’s tenure as Governor) the ship of the state seems to have headed in a very wrong direction.

So this statement had shown that Tinubu was still not in terms with Ambode even as recent as this month.

The question, however, is, who approved Ambode’s appointment into the APC strategic committee?

It has been rumored in recent quarters that Tinubu’s presidential ambition has not gotten the nod of some critical stakeholders within the party and as such, there is a plan to completely take him off relevance.

Ambode, who until his departure as governor, still had many loyalists in the state has been primed and brought back into political relevance.

With this, it means the influence of the Asiwaju is gradually waning in the party and his presidential dream is also bound to suffer a catastrophic setback as there is a very potent ploy to diminish his strongholds in the party in Lagos state, his domain.

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