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Amotekun: Northern Youth Council of Nigeria Should be Warned! Everything is Not All about Tribalism


It is about time that the other ethnic groups in Nigeria woke up to the realization that the Fulani people have an agenda to dominate the whole of the country the way they dominated the indigenous Hausa people. If not why is the so called Northern Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) which is essentially made up of the Fulani stock so quick to condemn and seek to stop the establishment of Amotekun, a security outfit established to secure the lives and properties of the Nigerian citizens living in the south western part of Nigeria.

Insecurity is rife in the country there are instances of banditry, kidnapping, armed robbery, terrorism cattle rustling to mention a few. The Southwest governors embarked on the project to support the security agencies that are already having a hard time curtailing the atrocities of the criminal elements among the people. During the inauguration, Governor Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti State said that“It was in the context of the unfortunate development (the insecurity in the region) that we lost the daughter of Pa Reuben Fasanranti, the leader of Afenifere.And that further put pressure on us, as leaders in the southwest, to do something about insecurity. “As elected leaders, our primary responsibility, according to Section 14 (2) of the Nigerian Constitution 1999 as amended, is the security and welfare of citizens.That was what informed the governors coming together to fashion out a way to complement the work of the mainstream security agencies overstretched in their efforts to arrest the menace that have afflicted the entire country.”

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The security unit has its roles spelt out. Members of the group are to provide support for the police and other security agencies in the area of intelligence gathering. They may also be able to venture into areas where the statutory security agencies may have difficulty penetrating because of their lack of knowledge of the terrains.


If the Southwest is trying to protect the lives and properties of the people in the region through Amotekun, the other regions should also try on their own parts to do something in the same regard. Instead of groups like the Northern Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) that saw nothing good in the establishment of the security outfit to continue stoking the fire of hatred, intolerance and jealousy? Why can’t these youths come up with ideas on how to improve the security situations in their regions? At least from available statistics, it is obvious that the level of insecurity in the northern part of the country is titanic compared to what obtains down south. The leader of the group, Isah Abubakar said that“Amotekun is a threat to peace and national security, and an attempt to jeopardize Nigeria’s sovereignty. It went further to call on the National Security Adviser to promptly take steps that will avert the looming threat to our national security deliberately created by Governors of Southwest, OPC and others.”The group even went to the extent of claiming that “the Amotekun group is not different from Boko Haram and the IPOB Movement in their formative stages.”With this kind of statements coming from a group that claims to be altruistic about the progress of the country, one then wonders whether indeed the group is not a blood thirsty assemblage that is after a selfish regional agenda.

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The south west has always blazed the trail in innovations. This is another one. Instead of criticizing the steps taken by the Southwest, other regions can emulate it or bring up their own new ideas on how to ensure the security of lives and property.

Conversely, theOhanaeze Ndigbo Youth Councilcommended the steps taken by the Southwest governors and also advised the Southeast governors to replicate the same thing to secure their territory. In their statement the group said “We want the Southeast governor’s forum to replicate in the South East, the new security outfit recently announced by Southwest governors “Amotekun” which will commence work on January 9th 2020. All over the world, security of lives and property remains the top priority of every government”.This is what unselfish and progressive organizations should be known for. The value placed on human life should be enormous and must be above any ethnic or tribal sentiments.

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The Southwest governors on their own part should ensure that members of the Amotekun security outfit play by the rules and avoid unnecessary overzealous tendencies that could defeat the purpose of the creation of the group.

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