Ampiclox And Postinor-2: Have Caused More Harm To Ladies Than Any Drug In The Market. See Why!

Ampiclox, a combination of Ampicillin and Cloxacillin, with other drugs such as Amoxicillin (Amoxil®) , Ciprofloxacin (Ciprotab®), Metronidazole (Flagyl®) and others, belong to a group of drugs called Antibiotics (in this case, antibacterials).

These drugs have sub-classes based on how they work but I wouldn’t bore you with all that. Antibiotics have many wonderful uses in the treatment of various infections such as respiratory, skin, urinary tract, sexually transmitted infections and other kinds of infections.

But a lot of people abuse them by using them for other purposes that they are not licensed to be used for. These are instances of people abusing them in the following ways: – Just going into a pharmacy to buy Ampiclox for malaria, claiming that that’s what works for them, when there are conventional antimalarial drugs that are effective in the market. – I heard of people mixing Ampiclox with lime to abort pregnancy.

You see? That’s a no-no. That baby will come out after nine months to come and be a rebel (lol 😂 just kidding). Some people also use the combination of ampiclox and postinor-2 for this purpose. Sperm be bacteria? -Using Septrim® to abort a pregnancy. -This one is popular. Using Flagyl® and Tetracycline to stop diarrhoea.

An Opera News Hub Creator (name withheld) even said in one of his articles and I quote- ”I believe you know the components of sperm and the reaction of antibiotics on them, any kind of Antibiotics will do but I recommend ampiclox bisham capsule or co-trox table(just one ampiclox bisham or two co-trox tablet”.

He thinks he’s helping by trying to get rid of unwanted babies but little does he know he’s contributing to this menace. Do you know why you shouldn’t use antibiotics wrongly? – It could cause antibiotic resistance. This essentially means the bacteria are fighting back.

Those tiny creatures are doing back to sender for you. That’s when you realize that you used an antibiotic correctly and it didn’t work on a microbe it would normally kill. When you subject a bacteria to a particular antibiotic for too long without need, it will adapt to the situation.

So this is what happens. The most annoying thing about this is that bacteria can pass resistance genes to each other and they all become resistant. Sometimes this resistance may affect drugs in the same class even though only one agent from this class was used. This is called cross-resistance.

This usually happens when micro-organisms can recognize the similarities between the two drugs of the same class. There are various ways microorganisms acquire resistance to drugs.

Don’t let me continue to bore you with all that. – You may harm yourself. Yes. The misuse of antibiotics can cause several permanently disastrous effects. – You could harm innocent people. When antibiotic resistance occurs, you won’t be the only one affected. Others will too.

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