ANAMBRA DECIDES: When Will You Stop Playing Ethnic Politics And Connect To The Center? – APC Chieftain Slams Ndigbo Over Election Outcome


Joe Igbokwe, An All Progressives Congress Chieftain and Lagos Governor, Babajide Sanwo- Olu’ s Special Adviser On Drainage, has taken to social media to decry the outcome of the Anambra State Governorship Election.

He advised the Igbo people to stop engaging in ” ethnic politics. ”


Igbokwe bemoaned the All Progressives Congress’ (APC) dismal performance in the saturday Anambra governorship election in a Facebook post on Sunday.

By playing ethnic politics and not connecting to the center, the APC chieftain warned, the people of the South- East ” would continue to be onlookers” in the country.


Igbokwe stated that the Igbo people’ s failure to vote for the APC will have a detrimental influence on the area, adding that the Ndigbo cannot continue to play isolationist politics.


In his post, he wrote: ” I had thought that Igbo will move beyond ethnic politics and work to connect to the center to meet other Nigerian, but ife ji Ndigbo jisi ha ike. We will continue to be onlookers. ”


Igbokwe added: ” Politics is a game of numbers. Igbo cannot continue to play politics of isolation in the 21st century and expect that a miracle will happen. It is time to build bridges and not burn bridges. ”


The Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) has accused political parties of indulging in massive vote buying in Anambra State’ s governorship election on Saturday.

CDD Director of Research, Sa’ eed Usaini, said during a press conference in Abuja that the majority of electoral offences were done at the watch of security officers.

” We have also noted widespread incidences of vote buying that will likely negatively impact the credibility of the election result, ” he stated.


” CDD observers reported numerous not so discreet cases of ‘ see and buy’ in polling units across the 21 LGAs of the state.

” In many reported cases, police officers have been alleged to have looked the other way, likely as a result of having themselves been compromised, ” he alleges.

Usaini further mentioned that the Bimodal Voter Accreditation System (BVAS) has been reported to malfunction in multiple polling locations across the state, putting the quality of the election outcome in jeopardy.


The CDD Director stated that the BVAS failed to recognize voters’ faces and fingerprints in numerous instances, and those impacted were advised to wait until the problem was fixed.

Even yet, CDD monitors stated that the BVAS was failing in the Ayamelum Local Government Area, with three polling stations affected.

INEC resorted to manual accreditation and voting in several polling units in the state’ s Akwa South, Awka North, Idemili North, Idemili South, and Anambra West local government areas, according to him.


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