ANAMBRA ELECTIONS: The Ongoing Gubernatorial Election In Anambra State And The Need For IPOB To Embrace Unity


The ongoing gubernatorial election in Anambra State is among the trending stories in the country. The election have raised a lot of tension and issues due to the activities of IPOB members and unknown gunmen within Anambra state.

It’ s important to know that IPOB members have caused a lot of instabilities and troubles in Anambra State because of their agitation for Biafra while the Unknown Gunmen have carried out a lot of attacks within the state.


Due to these incessant agitations by IPOB (Indigenous People Of Biafra) members and the unknown Gunmen, the Federal Government and Nigerian Police deployed enough security officers to ensure that the Anambra election is peaceful.

According to some reports, voting has commenced in some areas in Anambra State and the governor of the state (Willie Obiano) has equally voted in his polling unit.


However, a report released by ” The Punch” showed where an old woman was voting at Ezinifite village Hall in ” Awka South LGA” .

Nevertheless, I believe that this photo of an old woman exercising her right as a Nigerian citizen should be a reason for IPOB members to end their agitations and embrace unity within the country.


The old woman showed that she believes in the democracy of Nigeria by coming out to vote at her polling unit during today’ s election in Anambra state despite her age. So, I believe that IPOB members should learn how to believe in Nigeria’ s democracy and end their agitations for secession within the country.

They should stop opposing the Nigerian government rather they should support the policies made by the federal government led by President Muhammadu Buhari.


Also, IPOB members should know that this old woman wants Anambra state to progress and that’ s why she came out to vote despite the challenges facing the state.

Therefore, I will advise IPOB members to embrace unity and end their agitations, they should equally support the government in Anambra state to make the state to become more developed.



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