ANAMBRA ELECTIONS: Why Obiano’s Deputy Is Surprised By The Turnout Of Voters


The people of Anambra State are out to elect a new Governor that will take over the baton of leadership of the state from Governor Willie Obiano.

The federal government has tried to conduct the election in a peaceful atmosphere where the people of the State will be able to exercise their franchise without any form of intimidation.


The massive security officials were deployed to the State to douse the earlier tension and security threats in the State prior to the governorship poll.

The level of insecurity in the State prior to the governorship election had earlier created fear and many people were concerned the governorship poll might be marred by voter apathy.


However, available reports have shown that the people of Anambra are coming out en masse to exercise their franchise and elect the new Governor of the State.

According to a report by The Nation Newspaper, the Deputy Governor of the State, Dr. Nkem Okeke, has casted his vote at Polling Unit 005 in Enugwu Ukwu Ward 3 of Anambra State.


The Deputy Governor revealed that he was surprised by the massive turnout of voters considering the earlier security concerns in the State.

The Deputy Governor’ s surprise at the massive turnout of voters is understandable because of the security threats before the governorship poll which had earlier made some people to call for the postponement of the election.


Recall that the State had witness several attacks on innocent people, government facilities and security formations which created fear in the State before the governorship election.

The attacks which were allegedly carried out by unknown gunmen led to the deaths of innocent people in the State which threatened the conduct of the governorship poll.


This is why the Deputy Governor is surprised because despite security threats, the people turnout massively to decide the future of Anambra State.

The level of security presence in the state which assured the people of their safety might have contributed to the massive turnout.



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