The Anambra Governorship election has been marred with numerous issues as residents off the South East state took to the polls to vote in their next Governor.

But the election has been far from smooth as one issue or the other has plagued the election leading to former Presidential candidate, Omoyele Sowore criticising the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for it’ s poor preparations.


Reacting to the many issues marring the election, Sowore stated via his official Twitter handle that, ” AnambraDecides2021 Incompetent, corrupt and compromised @inecnigeria officials have officially bungled Anambra guber election, the way they planned it! I’ ve said it a million times, this current @inecnigeria can’ t conduct a free and fair class rep election in a high school” .


Reacting to the post of Omoyele Sowore was Nigerians and followers of the Human Rights activist, with one person writing that, ” Nigeria is gone! When we say these things, we say them with vivid & credible evidences. We’ ve observed with certainty that Nigeria is irredeemable, its electoral system @inecnigeria is so corrupt, it’ s been systematically structured to serve sole interest of the highest bidder” .

Another person added that, ” They will still rig it to whom ever they want just like they did in broad daylight to Ihedioha of Imo state and crown Hope Uzodinma someone from 4th position to first and you think election will solve Nigeria’ s problem. Keep dreaming. #RevolutionNow #FreeMaziNnamdiKanu” .

While a third added that, ” You said it all, I pity those waiting for 2023 as if anything will change by voting. The system has never worked and can never work if you like use Dominion machine to transmit results still it won’ t work under this same system. #RevolutionNow #freeMNK” .


A fourth then opined that, ” A small landmass state like anambra and INEC is fumbling so bad. This INEC chairman should have resigned long time ago since the last general elections. He will be our nation undoing in 2023 if care is not taken” .


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