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Anambra Is In Ruins! Obiano Scams Donors, Gives Paltry N131k To Onitsha Taker Fire Victims By Odumodu Gbulagu


After posting how Gov. Willie Obiano is defrauding Anambra State residents through money given to fire victims, his 1,771 aides attacked me.

As always, none of them could disprove my superior facts.

Now, get the points:

  1. How much did people donate to Obiano directly for fire victims?

(This is excluding all the money donated into Anambra State Victims Support Account. The account number is 5030105029, Fidelity Bank PLC, which is managed by Chisco, and has not been accounted for).

  1. Why did he sign N157,213,147 million Naira from Government coffers and released only 100m?

3 How did he retire those direct donations since he went on to sign N157,213,017?

4 Are you aware that 100m for 763 persons translates into N131, 000 per person?

  1. Meanwhile, he collects 1.2 billion Naira as security votes monthly.

  2. Are you aware that his 1,771 aides collect average of 250,000 per month, making it almost half a billion monthly?

  3. If the first lady (Osodietipia) who is not even elected can wear a designer glasses of 1m, and still be taking N200 million security vote every month, why can’t they give these fire victims a new lease of life with that money?

  4. For those asking if Obiano was the cause of the fire, if his government was proactive, would the fire do as much damage as it did?

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The fire raged on till the next day, and they did nothing.

  1. I want to also remind the sycophants that those victims pay taxes, and that the money Obiano spent is Anambra taxpayers money and not his personal money.


We can’t all be sycophants, and we must ask pertinent questions no matter whose ox is gored.

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Enough of all these lies, deceit and propaganda by Obiano’s Government.

Anambra is in ruins!

From our correspondent:

There is one post made by Odumodu Gbulagu on the 100 million naira donated by the state govt to the victims of Ochanja market fire disaster that’s vital – very vital.

It was reported that the state govt gave out 100 million naira to the fire victims. That’s commendable and must be appreciated.

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But from what Odumodu Gbulagu wrote:

The fire disaster victims are about 763 persons. 100 million naira to 763 persons is about 150,000 naira each.

Odumodu Gbulagu went further to state that immediately after the fire incident, the state govt released an account number and asked the public who are touched by the pains of the affected traders to donate into the bank account.

Pls how much was donated (if any) into that account dedicated to the fire incident. Was it part of the 100 million naira?

This will help the public know how much was generated and how much the state supported the fire victims with.

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