Anambra Police Command Apprehends A Fake Prophet Who Was Alleged Of Hocus-pocus.

News report says Mr Onyebuchi Okocha, the founder of Children of Light Ministry has been arrested by Anambra Police Division.

Onyebuchi Okocha who is also called Onyeeze Jesus is said to hails from Nkpor, located Idemili North of Anambra State. Storyline says he has been a bus conductor from his tender youth age, and never attained any higher education.

Correspondence says he now parades himself as a Prophet and naming his Ministry Children of Light. He has been alleged of deceit and Magic as a means of extorting money from people. People who are involved in the ugly scenario has reportedly disclosed that it was may trickery and deceit that he used to dup them.

However, he was sternly warned by the State Government on how he manipulates Christian cum Traditional religion, making it become Oriental religion. Thereby, making people believe he is real but he wouldn’t adhere to this summon and that actually has contributed to his apprehension on Wednesday 27th 2021 by the Anambra Police Division.


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